Everbridge: Intelligent and Globally Scalable Critical Communications

Our Story

The severity and frequency of global events and emergencies, their implications for business performance and personal safety, and the complexity of regulatory challenges are increasing. At the same time, the proliferation of connected devices, mobile and digital communications has accelerated the speed and effectiveness at which people communicate and consume information during all types of incidents.

However, traditional enterprise solutions for critical communications have not kept pace with this increasingly digital world and the evolving threat landscape. Enterprises and communities continue to use analog, manual, one-way and people-based solutions to communicate during all types of events and critical situations. These solutions lack the scale to reliably address the breadth of challenges that organizations increasingly face. With a far broader and more complex range of incidents, both operational and emergency-oriented in nature, organizations today require a solution that is engineered for modern critical communications–the ability to deliver comprehensive, and targeted and contextual content.

So how can businesses and communities ensure that communications be appropriately contextualized, meaningful and actionable to enable desired outcomes in critical situations? The importance of providing communication solutions to solve this challenge is the imperative that continues to shape Everbridge’s strategic vision and execution.

Since 2002, Everbridge has been there for over 2,500 corporations and communities as a trusted partner to assure and simplify the exchange critical information. We have seen the transition from the early days of manual call trees and simple outdoor sirens, to the evolution of critical communications with advances in mobile and connected technology. Our SaaS-based unified critical communications platform is built on a secure, scalable and reliable infrastructure that was originally designed to support our first application, Mass Notification, primarily focused on delivering communications to large groups of people to keep them informed before, during and after emergencies.

The expertise that we garnered developing our emergency Mass Notification application led us to leverage our platform for use in other critical business communications contexts. We have developed a full suite of enterprise-scale applications that enable our customers to deliver contextually relevant communications during critical situations, whether to a broad audience or to a targeted subset of individuals, globally or locally, and accounting for cultural, linguistic, regulatory and technological differences.

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Unified Critical Communications

While traditional mass notification solutions are designed to support infrequent one-way messages, new unified critical communications systems deliver interactive support for a far broader range of incidents, both operational and emergency-oriented in nature. For everything from the modern complexity of sophisticated cyber incidents and terrorist threats to more routine, everyday situations such as those involving IT operations, Everbridge ensures organizations can reach anyone on any device, anywhere, at any time–from the convenience of a single, SaaS-based unified critical communications platform

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Assured Critical Communications

In a 2015 report, Gartner, Inc. estimates that $1.5 trillion, or 42.5%, of information technology, or IT, expenditure is for communications in 2015. During mission-critical business events or man-made or natural disasters, the ability to communicate life-saving or damage-mitigating information is crucial. Communities and organizations of all types, around the globe, require solutions that offer the speed, security, scalability and reliability needed to effectively assure communications.

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Contextual Critical Communications

We enable intelligence and personalization in the critical communications process by delivering contextual communications. Organizations can assign, customize and organize roles and responsibilities and leverage Everbridge’s sophisticated rules engine to action and automate these communication workflows. The Everbridge platform delivers and escalates critical communications broadly to a mass population, or to a targeted subset of individuals, based on geographic location, skill level, role and communication path preferences for rich, two-way collaboration.

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Enterprise-Scale Critical Communications Platform

Everbridge’s core unified critical communications platform provides multiple layers of redundancy to assure uptime and delivery of communications regardless of volume or throughput requirements. The platform is dynamic, secure, scalable and reliable, enabling the delivery and verification of tens of millions of different communications virtually anywhere, in any volume, in near real-time.

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Enterprise-Ready, Use-Case Driven, Scalable Applications

Our SaaS-based applications are out-of-the box, enterprise-ready and can be utilized without customer development, testing or ongoing maintenance. Regardless of an organization’s size or needs, these applications are built to support a variety of evolving critical communication and business process use cases for corporations, hospitals, governments and more. The applications are built to scale, mobile-ready, secure and actionable.