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Magic Quadrant for U.S. Emergency/Mass Notification Services

Everbridge Critical Communication Suite
It starts with three simple words.  It’s how we connect as people at our most basic levels, and it can be the answer you need to keep your customers, your business, your constituents, or your employees safe and productive. Everbridge solutions help you answer that question and take control of the situation. Whether dealing with incident management, operational communication, or emergency notification, your organization needs to seamlessly reach distributed workforce and stakeholders in any location, across a variety of devices. And when operational issues threaten downtime, or emergency issues threaten lives, access to real-time situational intelligence empowers you to make decisions with confidence. Everbridge Incident Management, Everbridge Mass Notification, and Everbridge Integrated Visibility products put you in command and dramatically improve your ability to effect a positive outcome. Join the thousands of people who use Everbridge every day to:

Deliver Emergency Notifications

  • Save lives and protect property by improving the delivery of critical information.
  • Manage emergencies while away from the office with mobile devices (smart phones and tablets).
  • Pre-define messages and groups to deliver to any number of contact paths using email, phones, push notifications, SMS, etc.
  • Connect key stakeholders with single key response instant conference bridging capabilities.
  • Decrease manual errors that can be made under duress.

Create Situational Intelligence

  • Increase real-time knowledge of escalating events and on-the-scene intelligence.
  • Automate the monitoring of social media or data feeds for pre-defined terms and thresholds.
  • Create preset alerting rules around severe weather.
  • Use mobile apps to proactively communicate valuable on the scene photos to system administrators.
  • Identify the location of the closest available responder with desired skill set or criteria.

Improve Operational Communications

  • Minimize downtime / lost productivity by reducing the time it takes to respond to operational incidents.
  • Coordinate response and recovery through real-time alerting, intelligent alert escalation, and conference calling capabilities.
  • Document each step of incident response in real-time for compliance purposes.
  • Eliminate the ability for employees to make errors in communication or send unapproved communications.

Manage Distributed Workforce Communications

  • Store multiple addresses and leverage GPS to target contacts that travel between multiple locations.
  • Integrate travel information to contact traveling employees.
  • Initiate calls using locally stored contact data to enhance quality, reduce cost and meet local data privacy regulations.
  • Leverage dynamic local and customizable Caller ID by country to improve recipient response and ensure delivery to global locations.
  • Send and receive custom two-way communications using recipient mobile apps to better manage critical communications.
  • Target employees based on location or skillset to provide faster response to critical situations.

Support Crisis Communications

  • Manage the communications around events that threaten to harm the organization, staff, stakeholders, or the general public.
  • Monitor important social networks and automate notifications of key information being tracked.
  • Connect key stakeholders with ‘one-click’ instant conference bridging capabilities.
  • Distribute critical information to stakeholders around the world across a variety of devices.