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Magic Quadrant for U.S. Emergency/Mass Notification Services

Quick and reliable communication is critical to the operations of any municipality. Whether related to criminal activities, severe weather or missing persons, the ability to quickly and reliably reach staff, emergency personnel, and citizens over any voice or text device – and confirm receipt of notifications – can help protect life and property. As part of the ENS evolution, real-time data such as social media feeds, weather alerts, and visual data from on-the-scene mobile users can now be used to create situational intelligence. Situational intelligence provides critical insight into developing events and can be used by authorities to help prevent a crisis before it occurs or to manage the aftermath of an incident.


Everbridge Key Features for Government and Military Agencies
  • Single platform for all critical communications
  • Only dedicated mobile recipient app with 2 way comms
  • Intelligent multiple contact path communications
  • Best Practices – Everbridge University
  • Everbridge Training Certification program
  • Web-based elastic infrastructure
  • Customizable citizen opt-in portal
  • Gartner #1 mass notification vendor ranking
  • Only mobile management app w/ integrated GIS targeting
  • Only integrated GIS mapping with unified contact data
  • Mobile member apps for unsolicited communications
  • Automated severe weather alerts
  • Automated social media monitoring /alerts
  • Polling and quota capabilities
  • 100% Customizable reporting
  • Easy to use data management creating on the fly groups
  • Elastic infrastructure
  • Call throttling


Deliver Emergency and Non-Emergency Notification

  • A scalable infrastructure ensures that your message is received and acknowledged by intended recipients even during significant-regional crises.
  • An easy-to-use custom branded Opt-In portal increases connectivity with better data accuracy and more contact paths using data provided by citizens for SMS, mobile, landline and digital alerts.
  • Integral list- and GIS-based notification capabilities allow you to send messages from your desktop or in the field from any mobile device.
  • Fully integrated WEA/CMAS tools to make messaging through multiple channels easy.
  • User-defined call-throttling capabilities prevent telecom central office (CO) overloads.
  • Meet specific requirements of the Access and Functional Needs population.
  • Target populations with specific language needs.

Create Situational Intelligence

  • Automatically monitor and filter Twitter and weather feeds to spot problems before they become emergencies.
  • Use recipient mobile apps with location based notification services to gather photos and other street-level data that can help you prioritize emergency resources.
  • Automate severe weather alerts with pre-set rules.
  • Prioritize post-incident management resources by using social media and mobile app data.

Improve Staffing Operations

  • Fill resource gaps while adhering to complex union and seniority guidelines.
  • Improve scheduling efficiency and decrease time-consuming manual tasks.
  • Create reports that detail recipient responses and timeframes.
  • Integrate with CAD systems.

Support High-Volume Communications

  • System performance and resource demand are monitored intelligently in real-time.
  • High volume capacity available without decreasing performance.