Everbridge Solutions for Transportation

The 21st century way of life relies on safe, secure, and reliable transportation that can rebound fast from any incident.


Magic Quadrant for U.S. Emergency/Mass Notification Services

When a transportation crisis occurs, the stakes are high.  In transportation hubs around the world, Everbridge technology is managing every-day and extraordinary emergencies effectively and efficiently, keeping first responders, badged personnel, management, and passengers informed about what’s happened and what’s next. Whether it’s a critical safety issue or just convenience at stake, state and local governments are the ones charged with notifying their employees and citizens in a clear and timely manner, with information that’s relevant to the situation, in a way that they prefer. Everbridge provides interactive communication and mass notification solutions that help government organizations to increase citizen and stakeholder connectivity, improve staffing operations and protect lives and infrastructure.

Aviation Operations

  • Increase response time and eliminate human error by automating communication
  • Ensure passenger safety
  • Drive operational metrics
  • Improve customer satisfaction
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Rail and Transit Authorities

  • Real-time Employee Accountability – If there is an explosion or fire in a terminal, launch interactive polling notifications and immediately confirm the safety and whereabouts of all badged employees who work in the impacted area, allowing management to keep the pulse of the entire organization, even in times of crisis.
  • AOC Automated Interface – when the pressure is on in the control center environment, provide personnel with an easy-to-use interface with customized drop-down menus and built-in response paths, dramatically reducing human error while speeding up response.
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Critical Operations and Physical Security

  • Airport Emergency Conference Notifications – Convene on the fly using an instant conference notification, which places outbound calls to targeted teams and immediately connects participants to an Everbridge-hosted conference bridge—there are no phone numbers to dial, pin numbers to enter, or seconds lost.
  • Trigger Notifications – Integrate existing system sensors and operational alarms to trigger automated notifications to the appropriate response personnel who are on-call for each incident or alarm, with or without human intervention.
  • Automated Lightning and Severe Weather Alerts – When severe weather threatens operations, or lightning is within 10 or 4 miles of your airport, automated notifications are delivered to operations, management and airport tenants. Confirmation of receipt ensures messages reach the appropriate personnel.
  • Capital Project Communication or Storm Recovery – Instantly add teams of local responders or contract workers who are on your airport grounds for a specific project or storm cleanup, facilitating immediate and effective communication without integrating these temporary workers with the airport’s database of permanent, badged personnel.

Legal and Regulatory Requirements

  • Auditable Incident Log – As airport personnel launch new broadcasts or add journal entries to ongoing incidents, an off-premise, auditable record is created and automatically archived. This report contains time-stamped line items, providing an excellent tool for post-incident analysis and legal risk mitigation.


Access Anytime, Anywhere

Everbridge is a true multi-tenant system, so unlimited users can simultaneously access the system, view open incidents, and make updates as warranted.

Easy Data Management

Keep employee data perpetually up-to-date by synchronizing information from existing HR or financial databases automatically via web services, or have employees subscribe and manage their information from within your internal systems through a password-protected portal.

Integrate with Existing Airport Alarms and Sensors

Everbridge integrates with all of your existing technologies, such as security systems and sensors, access control, smoke detectors, weather alerting technologies, IT system alarms, sirens, loudspeakers, digital signs, and more for a truly layered approach to communication.

Tenant Communication

Inform tenants of flight cancellations that will leave passengers in the airport overnight, notify ticketing agents of flight delays, and notify airline operations teams of lightning strikes or severe weather alerts, all with or without human intervention.

Intelligent Reporting

The Everbridge system provides real-time results for quick, informed decision-making. Detailed records and ad-hoc reporting provide leadership with the flexibility needed to properly conduct post-incident analysis and trending, while also serving as an audit trail for risk mitigation requirements.

Emergency Notification in the Cloud™

Leveraging cloud computing, Everbridge lowers the cost, provides flexibility, and creates a more secure computing environment without software, hardware, or internal telephone networks to purchase and maintain.


Program Strategy

Everbridge provides a holistic solution for the airport operations environment. Leveraging years of industry experience, we tailor your emergency notification initiatives, establish policies and procedures, review crisis communication methodologies and best practices, and train your team.


Everbridge provides ongoing training for your organization, at no cost, and because Everbridge serves clients in more than 100 countries, this training is available around the clock, to all personnel on all shifts.

Best Practices

Everbridge has developed proven processes and best practices, based on years of working with our airport clients as they develop and implement notification solutions for crisis situations, as well as routine, operational communication.

Expert Access

Everbridge’s Client Services team is made up of highly-experienced, credentialed professionals with years of boots-on-the-ground experience, serving first responders and operations teams from airports large and small.

Dedicated Account Management

With a deep understanding of the specific needs and challenges of the airport operations environment, we help you make the most effective use of the Everbridge system.

24/7/365 Support

Everbridge provides clients with 24/7 client services and technical support, as well as 24/7/365 live operator access via the Everbridge NOC, where communications engineers are standing by to send broadcasts on your behalf, in any situation, day or night.

Continuous Innovation

Everbridge focuses exclusively on incident notification and works hand in hand with airport industry thought leaders to continually refine our solutions and anticipate your evolving challenges.