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  • July 27, 2016Everbridge Announces Summer 2016 Release, Enhancing Automation and Relevancy in Critical Communications
    BURLINGTON, Mass., July 27, 2016 —Everbridge, a global enterprise software company that provides applications which automate the delivery of critical information to help keep people safe and businesses running, has unveiled the latest release of its critical communications platform and suite of enterprise applications. The Everbridge Summer 2016 Release features mobility, collaboration, reporting, mapping and ...
  • June 29, 2016Everbridge Named 2016 Best Place to Work by Los Angeles Business Journal
    Global SaaS Provider’s West Coast Headquarters Praised by Employees for Rewarding Work and Top-Down Leadership BURLINGTON, Mass., June 29, 2016 —Everbridge, a global enterprise software company that provides applications which automate the delivery of critical information to help keep people safe and businesses running, was recently named one of the Best Places to Work in Los Angeles ...
  • June 28, 2016Everbridge Receives Remedy Certification from BMC Software
    IT Alerting™ Now Fully Integrated with BMC Remedy to Automate IT Incident Communications, Shorten Time to Resolution and Reduce Costs BURLINGTON, Mass., June 28, 2016 —Everbridge, a global enterprise software company that provides applications which automate the delivery of critical information to help keep people safe and businesses running, today announced that it has received certification of ...
  • June 14, 2016Everbridge and Geofeedia Partner to Integrate Location-Based Intelligence and Incident Communications
    New Integration Helps Businesses and Governments Analyze and Engage Based on Social Media Conversations BURLINGTON, Mass., June 14, 2016 —Everbridge, a global enterprise software company that provides applications which automate the delivery of critical information to help keep people safe and businesses running, and Geofeedia, a leader in real-time location-based intelligence, today announced a strategic partnership ...

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  • The Everbridge platform was found to be a cost effective and reliable solution.

  • Community_EngagementWhether they love police, hate police, or anything in between, most community members want to know more about police. Police themselves, on the other hand, are hesitant to share information, for good reason, at least most of the time. The key to successful sharing, especially with tools collectively known as social media, is to find the balance between letting people have more information and not giving out so much it causes problems.


    Generally, when talking about community engagement in social media, the typical advice is to follow people, provide good content, answer questions, be transparent, and so on. These basics are important, essential even. But where the rubber meets the road is what lies a mile or so beyond the next curve.


    social-media-homeThis week, I’ll be partnering with Everbridge once again in an educational webinar on community engagement with social media. But I don’t care to provide the same old information any more than participants care to sit through it. So while we will begin at the beginning, I hope to offer a few new perspectives.


    To get to a point of excelling at community engagement it’s necessary to overcome what can be huge hurdles that are unique to policing. I see these hurdles falling into three main categories: hurdles of the policing profession, organizational hurdles and personal hurdles:


    • The issues with the profession as a whole include the deeply-ingrained policing culture, an enormous lack of understanding of communication technology at the command level, and the negative climate toward police that exists today.


    • Organizational hurdles are things like lack of priority towards the setting of communication goals. That in-turn begets the other hurdles: lack of resource allocation, poor or non-existent policy, fear of negative feedback and lack of training.


    • Personal hurdles can be lack of confidence or little or no support from co-workers or command, an over-restrictive environment, and the challenge of keeping with changing technology.


    While not all of these issues are directly related to successful community engagement, they all play a part one way or another. They all create blockages to professional creativity.


    For most police communicators, none of this stuff comes naturally. It’s also not difficult with a few simple techniques. I’ve been working exclusively with police in this area full-time since summer of 2010 and part-time for a number of ...

  • Originally iModus customers, 125 Old Broad Street used the platform to receive communications from the City of London Police. Migration to the Everbridge platform has provided opportunities to optimise the potential of a mass notification solution.

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    What is Community Engagement Week?

    Community Engagement Week is 5 days focused on bringing awareness to the importance of community engagement for law enforcement agencies. This is critical because effective community engagement mobilizes public safety resources, promotes a shared vision and serves as a catalyst for changing policies, programs and practices. When done correctly, law enforcement and residents enter into a mutually beneficial partnership. Because of this, we are devoting the entire week to helping enhance agency awareness around the importance of community engagement.


    Here is what we have planned for the week:


    February 29th

    Newsletter | Best of 2015 Community Engagement Pack

    Keep your eyes on your email! We will be delivering some key resources from 2015 that will help your agency or organization improve or develop your community engagement plan.



    March 1st

    Live Event | Social Media and Public Safety: Twitter Chat


    twitterJoin us on March 1st at 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT for our first live event to kick of CE week.
    Join an assortment of public safety officials from around the country, and various industry experts, discussing the topic of community engagement. You can join the conversation by simply submitting questions on Twitter using the hashtag #CEWeek. We will also be live streaming the chat over Blab – subscribe to our Blab here!



    Laurie_stevens_webinar_picMarch 2nd

    Webinar | Building Community Engagement through Social Media with Lauri Stevens


    On March 2nd at 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT Lauri Stevens, Founder of LawsComm will discuss how law enforcement and other public safety agencies can enhance their community engagement by leveraging social media effectively.
    Register here!



    March 3rd

    Whitepaper | Building Your Resident Opt-In Database: A Visual Guide


    Download the guide on March 3rd to see various examples of how agencies have used marketing and advertisements to draw attention and awareness to their notification solutions, ultimately resulting in an increased subscriber base.



    March 4th

    Demo Webinar | Connecting and Communicating Effectively with Your Residents: A Look at Everbridge Community Engagement


    ScottBenoitThumbnailwithtitleJoin us for an exclusive demo webinar showcasing how Everbridge and Nixle can help your agencies share information with residents while opening up dialog to help resolve incidents faster.
    Register here!









    What is Community Engagement?

    Is mutually beneficial partnership between law enforcement and ...


    For some organizations, conducting regular disaster preparedness exercises comes with the territory.  If you work with chemicals, in a manufacturing facility, orClose up on a file tab with the text Distaster Recovery Plan, focus on the main text and blur effect. Concept image for illustration of DRP ans crisis communication. in an industry where your main function is to protect people and property, you’re probably well-versed in why preparation matters.  For many organizations, however, the potential dangers are not as obvious and safety exercises are relegated to the mandatory annual fire drill.  This approach may be setting your organization and your people up for real trouble. 


    Why you should be doing more disaster preparedness exercises:


    1. You’re not as ready as you think you are.

    Conducting disaster preparedness exercises is as much about what goes wrong as what goes right.  After an exercise, experts recommend that you evaluate the outcomes, figure out how to improve on what didn’t work as well as expected and conduct additional exercises with new procedures in place. 


    2. Your people aren’t as ready as you think they are.

    A colleague of mine likes to use the phrase “You respond like you train.”  Without having been exposed to a situation, workers aren’t going to know how to respond to it.  I THINK I know what to do in the event of a gas leak in my building, but I’m not really going to know until there really is a gas leak. 


    3. Your employees are concerned about their personal safety.

    According to a recent article in the New York Times, most Americans report that they are ‘very’ concerned about a terrorist attack.  Over half are worried about a mass shooting happening near them .   As an employer, conducting regular disaster preparedness exercises can help employees feel more secure and increase their confidence in your ability to respond appropriately in an increasingly unpredictable world. 


    4. It’s easier than you think.

    FEMA offers Emergency Planning Exercises for organizations to use on its website.  There are resources for organizations of all types and sizes. Check out FEMA’s Emergency Planning Exercises for details. 


    Let us know if we can help. The Everbridge team is always here to provide critical communications training and best practices! You can also visit Everbridge University for additional skills, techniques, concepts, and best practices needed in emergency situations.



  • In my upcoming webinar, “Trends in Business Continuity: Recapping 2015 and Looking Ahead,” on January 27th, I will take a moment to look back at 2015 on the types of challenges that the continuity field experienced, and then gaze forward, contemplating what might be next. Once we know what we might likely face, I’ll explore eight ways to reimagine your program to meet the significant challenges ahead.  


    One those eight ways is Number Five…“Work Out.” No, I’m not discussing aerobics or yoga (although that couldn’t hurt), I’m talking about the importance of exercises. Practice (aka exercises) breeds familiarity and “muscle memory,” which should be (and could be) the real measure of competence or capability.  The term “muscle memory” has been used synonymously with motor learning, which is a form of procedural memory involving the consolidation of a specific motor task into memory through repetition. When a movement is repeated over time, a long-term muscle memory is created for that task, eventually allowing it to be performed without conscious effort. That is what we want our teams to be able to do – perform their duties without conscious effort.


    One of my favorite ways to get teams to this ‘without conscious effort’ state is to do what I call “ripped from the news” exercises. These are simple exercises that can be done every few months. They can be done with minimal planning and are great tools to build the teams’ muscle memory. Here’s how to do a “ripped from the news” exercise:


    1. Open any newspaper.
    2. Find a bad thing that happened that could be used as an exercise narrative (earthquake, shooting, flood, bomb, denial-of-service attack, etc.).
    3. Assemble your team.
    4. Spend an hour doing the following:
      • Review the incident assessment process.
      • Discuss your communication strategy.
      • Develop an Incident Action Plan.
      • Discuss the business continuity approach.
        • Is that approach outlined in the plan? No? Add it!


    This type of exercise is designed to help teams be prepared for the challenges ahead.


    Join me at 12:30 PM on Wednesday, January 27th to hear how you can put new energy into your work in 2016. Reserve your spot here.

  • LawsCommPic.jpg

    Everbridge is partnering with LAwS Communications this year to bring law enforcement professionals some helpful information in leveraging social media to build your audience and get the most of Everbridge/Nixle and the many other social media networks you may be using for your public safety agency.


    The first event is a free webinar on January 28th that will cover best practices for social media engagement to build relationships and provide the best content for your audience.


    Scott Benoit, Everbridge’s Senior Director of Product Development and I will discuss:

    • How to determine what content to share, and what not to share
    • Building a “bank” of content with message maps
    • Appropriate tone
    • Follow-back philosophy
    • Message creation
    • Timing your posts
    • Optimization for social networks, ie: Twitter vs. Facebook
    • Workflow Efficiency with Nixle



    I’ve been a huge fan of Nixle ever since it was founded in 2009, which was also the year we signed up the Bellevue, NE police department with Nixle. Over the next several years, Nixle grew rapidly, amassing well over 7,000 agencies and 2 million individual subscribers in all 50 states by 2014. Fast forward to approximately one year ago, Everbridge acquired the strategic assets of Nixle and the result is an exciting, unified solution for community policing and emergency management. Similar, yet different, the combination of each of their unique offerings results in a communications powerhouse that allows pubic safety organizations to better engage across communities to create a connected network of residents, educators, public safety professionals, local businesses and community leaders.


    My role in the webinar will be to present you with some ideas about content creation.


    For example, if you’re in charge of your agency’s social media communications, do you ever go to work and wonder “what am I gonna tweet/post today?”, or when a citizen tweets to you, or comments on Facebook, are you at a loss for whether to answer, what to say or what you should leave alone? After we talk about message maps and handling critical comments, hopefully you’ll be a bit more comfortable in both situations.


    We’ll also talk about whether you should follow people back, why it’s a good idea and how it contributes to your follow numbers.


    After my portion, Scott Benoit will take over and talk about a bit about the mechanics of Nixle, but also how to integrate all of ...


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  • Mass Technology Leadership Council Announces Finalists for the 19th Annual Technology Leadership Awards
  • Announcing the 2016 BostonFest #CoolestCompanies Finalists
  • Everbridge CEO Calls Growing Need for Emergency Comms Tech ‘a Little Perverse’

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  • spectrum


    A fire information center has been established at the Pine Valley Fire Station. For the quickest updates and information, residents are encouraged to sign up for Everbridge to receive notifications from the Washington County Emergency Alert System by visiting

  • Alert Okaloosa weather program replaces Code Red system
  • City drops CodeRED for county
  • Missing Boy Found at Secret City Festival
  • Blooming Multi-National Tech Company Moves West Coast Headquarters to Pasadena
  • Marion, Clay, Lafayette Counties Transition To Alert Florida Notification System
  • health


    But what if technology could bring a doctor into the ambulance in an instant? What if emergency responders could carry healthcare professionals in their pockets at all times? That’s exactly what Everbridge sets out to do. As the leader in unified critical communications, Everbridge infrastructure supports the ...

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    “It was just seamless to use Nixle to bridge that gap to alert folks of events in and surrounding Super Bowl 50,” says Clarke. Everbridge, who acquired Nixle, developed Community Engagement to enable law enforcement operations to leverage keyword opt-in functionality during large events. Event attendees have ...

  • Saline County using Everbridge Resident Alerts to inform citizens
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