Situational Intelligence

Communicate in Context

Everbridge’s Situational Intelligence simplifies crisis management by integrating recipient feedback, external data feeds, and social media in a single communications console. Decision makers can simultaneously monitor events and communicate to designated recipients, using insight gathered from multiple sources, to make better-informed decisions and to manage the lifecycle of critical incidents with increased efficiency and speed.

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Local Trusted Intelligence

Share and receive critical updates and situational intelligence from trusted sources based on proximity and industry with the Everbridge Network.

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Global Threat Intelligence

Threat View facilitates disaster preparedness by giving security executives, business continuity professionals, and crisis management teams the global situational intelligence to respond quickly to events outside headquarters or overseas at a manufacturing facility.

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Automated Weather Alerts

Automated Weather Alerts keep employees and citizens informed of over 150 severe weather alerts automatically, such as lightning, tornadoes, hail, snow, extreme temperatures, and more with SMARTWeather.

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Social Media Trending

Social View allows you to subscribe to and monitor social feeds in real time, and to automate notifications for key information being tracked.