Staffing and Coordination for Hospitals Best Practices

In a typical hospital environment, change is constant—on-call schedules vary, emergencies require additional staff, patients no-show—while manual processes take up valuable time. How can automating staffing and coordination streamline hospital operations, and improve patient communication and care? In this whitepaper, Maureen DiTore from The Valley Hospital, summarizes best practices for staffing and coordination [...]

Staff Scheduling and Department Coordination

For local government, an emergency can create a need for additional personnel and resources. Relying on manual and time consuming staffing and coordination processes can delay response and recovery time, allowing further escalation of an event. How can agencies avoid any delays and focus on the task at hand? In this whitepaper, Staff Scheduling and [...]

Critical IT Incident Management Best Practices

Critical IT incidents and disasters can have a major impact on your organization – potentially hurting your customers, your brand reputation, and your bottom line. How can you minimize the risk of these events and reduce your Mean Time to Repair? In this paper, Critical IT Incident Management Best Practices: IT Experts on Communication and Collaboration, [...]

Forbes: “Improving Emergency Messaging in the Cloud”


In case you missed it, Everbridge was recently featured in a Forbes profile, “Improving Emergency Messaging In The Cloud With Everbridge.” The article, authored by cloud computing influencer Ben Kepes, highlighted how our unified critical communication solution “helps different industries communicate quickly and effectively.”


Everbridge Customer Perspective: A Major Biotechnology Coporation

Gordon Boughtin, Principal Business Continuity Manager at a Major Biotechnology Corporation, discusses how the Everbridge system is utilized during disruptive events, such as earthquakes and those that require employees to shelter-in-place.  


Everbridge Customer Perspective: Tax Products Group

Kenneth Moore, Operations Manager, Tax Products Group, discusses how the Everbridge Unified Critical Communication Suite helps keep customers and vendors informed of planned and unplanned outages, and other disruptive events.  


Everbridge Customer Perspective: LG&E and KU Energy

Jody Grizz, Continuity Program Coordinator, LG&E and KU Energy, discusses the importance of Everbridge’s mobile capabilities and how he utilizes the system during disruptive events and customer threats.  


Acronym Soup for IT Incident Management: Lower Your MTTK


IT incidents can range from simple power outages to very serious DDoS attacks. No matter the severity, your goal as an IT Operations professional should be to lower “Mean Time to Repair.” More than just an interesting acronym, if this is process is not handled effectively, and in a timely fashion, your organization could [...]




Find Everbridge at DRJ Fall World 2014 (#DRJFall)


Summer is winding down. Bummer. Fortunately, Disaster Recovery Journal Fall World 2014 in beautiful San Diego is right around the corner. Sunday, September 7th, marks the first day of the event and the Everbridge team is gearing up for a great show.

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