Find Everbridge at DRJ Fall World 2014 (#DRJFall)


Summer is winding down. Bummer. Fortunately, Disaster Recovery Journal Fall World 2014 in beautiful San Diego is right around the corner. Sunday, September 7th, marks the first day of the event and the Everbridge team is gearing up for a great show.

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Replay: Expert Panel IT Incident and Disaster Alerting

How can you minimize the risk of IT incidents and disasters—protecting your customers, your brand reputation, and your bottom line? What can you do to improve IT incident response and team collaboration, reduce time to repair, and keep stakeholders informed? Join us for an expert panel webinar, IT Incident and Disaster Alerting, to hear [...]

AppRiver Q&A: IT Incident Management and Proactive Customer Communication


Say you’re a company with a global customer base and employees located across the world. What would happen if you have a major IT incident that impacts your service and, as a result, your clients? How do you get information to relevant stakeholders efficiently, quickly, and through the proper channels?



Dispelling Myths and Creating Trust During Emergency Situations

In an emergency, rumors and misinformation about what’s happening can damage your reputation, hurt employee morale, and cost you money. How do you set the record straight when the pressure is on? In this paper, Rumors and Misinformation: Dispelling Myths and Creating Trust During Emergency Situations, learn about how an effective communication strategy can [...]

Resiliency and Scalability in your Critical Communication Platform

When an incident happens, you need to get the right messages to the right people, as quickly as possible. A critical communication solution can be instrumental in reaching employees, partners, and stakeholders, and maintaining continuity—but only if it performs as intended. How do you know that your system will be resilient and scalable during [...]

Improving Emergency Messaging In The Cloud With Everbridge

Forbes | August 13, 2014 Improving Emergency Messaging In The Cloud With Everbridge forbes logo

Best Practices for Enhancing Public Safety Through Mobility

Disasters, from terrorist attacks to major storms, can significantly impact citizens, and put their safety at risk. Local agencies and responders reacting to these events face a major obstacle – the citizens they are trying to protect are increasingly mobile and dispersed. How can mobile devices and social media make the mobility of citizens an [...]

Everbridge Adds Mobile, GIS Enhancements to Unified Critical Communication Suite


Glendale, CA, May 28, 2014Everbridge, the worldwide leader in Unified Critical Communications, delivers consistent, innovative product enhancements to help businesses and governments meet their evolving unified communication and collaboration needs. The launch of the new Summer Release (2014) of its market-leading


On-Call Scheduling

When you need to reach on-call staff quickly, you don’t want to spend time searching schedules on whiteboards or sifting through spreadsheets to find the people you need.

Download (PDF, 1.51MB)


PrecisionGIS for Government

For many cities, towns, and municipalities, base maps provided by commercial mapping sources may lack precision—due to new construction, coverage of rural areas, or poor access to large campuses and manufacturing facilities. This lack of precision can cause issues when sending a targeted notification to contacts.
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