Everbridge for Operations

Even a seemingly inconsequential operational incident can mean downtime, and every minute of downtime impacts your bottom line.

Whether major or minor, disruptive incidents require quick response. Incident notification and response team deployment done manually costs valuable time – and may mean jeopardizing employee safety, risking company property, and causing financial loss. With Everbridge, you can shorten incident-related downtime by communicating more quickly, clearly, and efficiently through end-to-end automation of your incident notification procedures.

Operations Specific Use Cases


  • Incident response. Respond quickly and accurately to any incident using pre-defined, automated communications.
  • Resource management. Effectively allocate the right resources to problems in real-time.


  • Business continuity. Prevent communication mistakes that prolong business interruptions.
  • Critical operations. Mobilize response teams rapidly, continuously coordinate with other groups or organizations, report ongoing status to key managers.
  • Safety and security. Disseminate critical information to response teams before they arrive on scene.
  • Infrastructure resilience. Eliminate communication failure points through use of a multi-pronged communication infrastructure and multiple points of broadcast initiation.


  • Reporting. Ensure real-time reporting of communication efforts with an audit trail for compliance and learning purposes.
  • Termination of recovery operations. Bring recovery efforts to an orderly close by sending out an all-clear message and closing out an incident response.