Everbridge Aware®

A Proven Emergency Notification Solution

Organizations that need to ensure safety and survival during disasters rely on the Everbridge Aware emergency notification system. Everbridge Aware enables you to:
  • Resolve incidents more quickly
  • Increase awareness and safety
  • Reduce communication costs
  • Gain operational efficiencies
  • Improve compliance and reporting
With Everbridge Aware, one person can communicate critical information to tens, hundreds, or thousands of individuals, anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Cycling through every communication device—including mobile phones, landlines, smartphones, email, text messaging, instant messaging, pagers, and more—the Aware emergency notification system contacts individuals based on their preferences and stops sending messages after a recipient confirms receipt. Aware’s dashboard compiles results in seconds for quick, informed decision-making.
Organization-Specific Solutions
Everbridge’s solutions are designed to meet organization-specific challenges:
  • Everbridge for Enterprise: Ensure business continuity with automated emergency notification and operational alerts.
  • Everbridge for Financial Services: Disseminate information quickly to employees, stakeholders, and customers during business interruptions.
  • Everbridge for Government: Whether your primary area of interest is local, state, federal, or defense, nothing exposes communication vulnerabilities like a crisis.
  • Everbridge for Healthcare Meet Joint Commission requirements, manage shift scheduling and nurse callbacks across the hospital, coordinate facilities activities, and prepare for disasters.
  • Everbridge for Higher Education: Contact students, faculty, and administrators on campus or off-site using technologies critical to a campus environment, such as instant messaging, text messaging, social media, and cell phones.


For a more comprehensive discussion of the Everbridge Aware incident notification system’s capabilities, contact us to schedule a system demonstration tailored to your specific needs.

Call Throttling

  • Configure. Create a custom call throttling strategy that best suits each organization’s needs.
  • Maximize. Everbridge allows administrators to improve call throughput and delivery.
  • Control. Prevent PBX overloads and Central Office (CO) outages.
  • Initiate. Activate Call throttling from Mobile Aware.


  • Message initiation from anywhere. Initiate broadcasts from virtually anywhere, anytime by phone or internet.
  • Unlimited contact devices. Send messages to any device via any method, including phone (mobile, land line, and satellite), email , instant messaging, text messaging (native SMS), PDA (including BlackBerry®), alpha or numeric pager, fax, and more.


  • Instant feedback. Everbridge Aware’s real-time dashboard provides continuously updated broadcast results within seconds.
  • Customizable reporting. Everbridge’s ad-hoc reporting enables users to quickly create reports customized to meet individual needs, such as “How many broadcasts did we send in June?”
  • Easy access to core reports. Everbridge Aware includes a number of reports that are always accessible and can be printed or saved electronically, including:
  • Detailed broadcast reports
  • Searchable broadcast history
  • Member detail reports
  • Group reports
  • Participation reports
  • Usage reports


Managing Data

  • Unlimited administrators. Assign as many or as few administrators as you require with no additional charges or implementation delays.
  • Flexible data management options. Everbridge provides six options for automated and hands-on data management.
  • Quick data upload processes. Add, update, and delete members quickly and easily individually or through an online upload process.
  • Self-registration capabilities. Enable members to opt in or out of receiving notifications from you or to provide additional contact details with a custom self-registration portal.
  • Contact data self-maintenance. Allow members to update their own contact information at any time directly in the Everbridge system or from within your internal systems.
  • Recipient-specified contact preferences. Give members the ability to prioritize the order in which their communication devices will be attempted to ensure the greatest likelihood of reaching them.
  • Unlimited groups and subgroups. Organize contacts into groups and subgroups. Each group can consist of individual members and other groups. The Everbridge system will not send duplicate messages to individuals belonging to multiple groups assigned to a broadcast.
  • Searchable user-defined fields. Users can create customized fields to store meaningful information specific to their organization, such as department numbers or building locations.

Developing Your Notification Program

  • Program strategy: Everbridge Notification Solution. Everbridge provides a holistic solution to your emergency communication challenges. Leveraging Everbridge as your communication platform, we structure your emergency notification initiative, establish policies and procedures, review crisis communication methodologies and notification best practices, and train your team. Implementation and best practices. Everbridge has developed proven processes and best practices based on tens of thousands of hours of expertise helping organizations implement incident notification systems. 24/7/365 support. Everbridge provides clients with 24/7/365 client care and live operator service for help sending broadcasts in any situation, day or night. Self-service portal. Clients use Everbridge’s self-service portal to access our knowledgebase and add, update, and review service cases and enhancement requests online, anytime. Dedicated account management. Account managers work exclusively with organizations in a specific industry so they understand your needs and challenges and act as informed guides to help you make the most effective use of Everbridge Aware.