Critical Corporate Communications

Improve Your Communications Strategy

Whether dealing with incident management, operational communications, or emergency notification, your organization needs to seamlessly reach distributed workforces, stakeholders, and customers—in multiple locations and across a variety of devices. When IT issues threaten downtime, or emergency issues threaten lives, access to real-time situational intelligence becomes increasingly important, so you have the key information you need to communicate with confidence.

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Recover quickly when disaster strikes

Whether it is a natural disaster, security breach, severe weather alert, or human error, Corporate Communications Solutions gives you the ability to communicate quickly and effectively. Most organizations have to deal with occasional business disruptions that can be costly and dangerous, with Everbridge Corporate Communication Solutions, you can make sure that business continues, ensuring employee accountability, issuing alerts coordinating response teams, initiating conference call briefings, and providing regular updates.

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Everbridge for IT Alerting

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Reduce IT Downtime

Close the gap between IT incident awareness and resolution with Everbridge IT Alerting. When something goes wrong, IT Alerting automatically alerts the person on-call who has the right skills using email, phone, SMS, or mobile push notifications. If a response isn’t received within your specified time frame, Everbridge automatically escalates the alert to the next person until you get confirmation that somebody is working to fix the problem.

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Critical Customer Communications

Make sure your customers are aware when a crisis or issue has occurred. Proactively notify customers, based on their contact preferences and subscriptions, to decrease the likelihood of them flooding the call center.

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Situational Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Increase real-time knowledge of escalating incidents around key facilities, and communicate with employees who may be impacted or at risk.