Financial Services Solutions

Meet Strict Regulations and Communicate with Employees

Leading financial services organizations from around the world rely on Everbridge technology to provide employees with communications that transmits vital information, and allows staff to safely handle any situation, whether it be a financial crisis, privacy breach, or even a life-threatening incident. Everbridge provides crisis management solutions that help financial services organizations increase connectivity to staff, clients, and stakeholders. Our financial emergency management mitigates the impact of incidents on your most important assets and helps meet the data protection regulations for domestic and international operations.

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Better Business Continuity

Keep employees informed and allow executives to collaborate on conference calls with “one-click” all while demonstrating to auditors the ability to respond to different continuity events.

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Fix IT Issues Faster

IT Alerting automatically notifies the person on-call with the right skills, using email, phone, SMS, and push notifications. If a response isn’t received within your specified time frame, Everbridge automatically escalates the alert to the next person until you get confirmation that somebody is actively working on a solution to the problem.

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Don’t leave stakeholders in the dark

Make sure all impacted customers are aware when an application or system outage happens. Proactively notify customers via any device, at any time, and receive confirmation receipts. This strategic communications strategy will reduce the odds of stakeholders flooding the call center with information you already know.

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Relevant Situational Intelligence

Threat View combines the world-class situational intelligence of NC4 with Everbridge’s critical communications suite and global reach to:

  • Access real-time situational intelligence
  • Assemble and collaborate with response team members
  • Identify and communicate with employees at risk

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Reduce the Impact of Breaches

Security breaches and subsequent fraud are increasing in frequency and scale. While financial institutions are doing everything possible to remain one step ahead of cyber criminals, these incidents are on the rise, putting sensitive information at risk and increasing the need for disaster management plans. Proactive and timely account holder communication can help reduce costs associated with increased call center activity, customer education, brand repair campaigns, regulatory compliance, and the expense of covering customer losses.