Everbridge Solutions for Healthcare

Helping Hospitals to Communicate Securely and Quickly

In critical situations, hospitals have significant operational challenges related to staffing, resources, technology, and care. Your biggest challenge of course, is delivering the best quality care to all patients. Whether it’s an unforeseen crisis, a need-to-know situation, or dealing with HIPAA law in daily clinical communications, we equip healthcare organizations with the unified critical communications platform needed to deliver high-quality patient care while efficiently keeping staff connected, without violating HIPAA privacy rules.

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Text Normally Without the Fear of Fines

Ordinary texting is fast and easy. It’s also in violation of HIPAA. Instead, use Everbridge healthcare solutions to quickly send SMS messages, patient information, reports, images, or any other secure communications. Safe, secure & IT-approved!

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Speed up Response Times to Emergencies and Other Events

Use Mass Notification to reach staff members about emergency situations and mass casualty events quickly —across smartphones, email, SMS, and push notifications.

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Molina Healthcare on Everbridge

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Automate Nurse Staffing Callouts

Spend more time focused on patient care and less time dialing to fill missing shifts. On-call Scheduling uses real-time shift calendars and integrated on-call notifications to automate the tedious process of contacting off-duty staff.

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Better Manage IT System Outages

EHR, HIMSS & Clinical Information Systems—Technology is everywhere in the hospital. When IT outages happen they can delay care, frustrate employees, and cause lost revenue. IT Alerting helps you restore IT system outages and quickly keep internal stakeholders informed, as IT Response Teams improve collaboration during triage, investigation, and resolution activities.

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Reduce Code Alert Errors

Cut the time it takes to issue and respond to yellow, red, pink, black, and stroke code alerts with communications that require incident-specific, pre-defined notification procedures. Use Incident Management to speed up STEMI alerts and notify emergency room personnel, cardiac catheterization laboratory technicians, and cardiologists faster to ensure patients receive life-saving treatment in record time.