Professional Services

Everbridge Professional Services
Apply the knowledge and experience gained from more than 1,000 deployments worldwide directly to your organization’s unique environment to align system utilization with business value.
Leveraging a proven methodology and domain expertise honed through more than 1,000 deployments worldwide, Everbridge Professional Services offerings address the unique challenges of your organizational structure, operational requirements and training needs. We provide both bundled packages and customized options designed to your individual specifications.

Training and Documentation Support

In addition to free, unlimited web-based training and a comprehensive online knowledgebase, Everbridge offers customized training and documentation development to formalize knowledge transfer and ensure ongoing self-sufficiency. Whether you select from a list of popular topics or designate specific learning needs, Everbridge Professional Services supplies instructor-led training, course content, and documentation customized to match to your organization’s unique structure and system usage requirements. This service is advantageous for large entities with well-defined communication processes and/or organizations with frequent employee turnover.

Customized Implementation Services

By streamlining and expediting your Everbridge system implementation, Everbridge Professional Services helps you accelerate time to value. Our enhanced implementation services include on-site project management, consultation with a Certified Emergency Management (CEM) professional, creation of client-specific message and scenarios, development of ad-hoc report templates, and on-site emergency and incident communications reviews. This service is particularly useful for organizations that are paying for Everbridge services with grant funds and must implement their emergency notification service within a specific timeframe, but lack the resources to implement Everbridge on their own.

Operational Integration and Best Practices Programs

After evaluating your existing emergency and incident communications processes, Everbridge integrates industry best practices and system applications to align technology utilization with your unique environment and business objectives. Program components include the review of existing processes and templates, process improvement recommendations, implementation support for suggested changes, and broadcast testing and analysis. Ideal for organizations that require transparency in their notification and communication protocol—such as government entities and higher education institutions— these programs help clients realize additional benefits and incremental value from their Everbridge investment.

Web Services Implementation and Data Management Assistance

While Everbridge Aware provides user-friendly data integration modules and flexible reporting templates, clients with more complex API and advanced data analysis needs rely on Everbridge Professional Services for API implementation and data management assistance. Deliverables include the review of existing data management processes, recommendations and alternative approaches for improved data management, and post-incident data mining to identify process improvements. This service caters to clients that have limited access to IT resources or those with detailed postmortem incident reporting needs.

Premium Client Care Service Packages

In addition to our in-house 24x7x365 client care/live operator service and self-service portal, Everbridge offers premium service packages that include proactive usage service plan reviews, Certified Emergency Management (CEM) professional operational reviews, dedicated client care representatives, bi-weekly service reviews, monthly custom web-based training sessions, and development of client-specific communications materials to increase internal awareness of system value and ROI. For organizations using Everbridge solutions to satisfy regulatory emergency notification requirements, these full-service offerings help prove compliance to governing bodies.