We invite you to watch our complimentary webinar replay on designing and executing an active shooter emergency preparedness drill in a hospital or healthcare setting.

Our speaker, Steve Crimando, from Behavioral Science Applications, covers the topic extensively — you will finish the replay with several actionable items to apply to your emergency preparedness plans.

Active Shooter Drills are a common choice for hospitals because the impact of an incident can deeply affect a hospital or healthcare facility.  The impact can be felt from patients to staff, even impacting a facility’s reputation in the community.

The webinar replay covers:

  • Hospital staff to bring in for an active shooter drill
  • Identifying responders outside the hospital to coordinate on a drill
  • Checklists and plans pre-drill
  • Best practices for launching the drill
  • Communication considerations before, during, and after a drill
  • How to integrate media relations and PR if an incident occurs
  • Using post-mortems to improve preparedness plans

In addition to our recent webinar, we invite you to check out our Active Shooter Preparedness Resource Library.  Health providers face unique issues that combine ethics, legal, and safety issues. Our library includes:

  • 4 Critical Concepts in Active Shooter Preparedness 
  • Legal Issues and Operational Risk Management for Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Situations 
  • See Something, Say Something, Do Something. The Expanded Role of Bystander Intervention in Active Shooter Response
We also have video recordings or recent webinars: 

  • Crisis Communications Lessons from the WDBJ7 On-Air Shooting
  • Active Shooter Best Practices in Healthcare and Hospital Settings

These represent the latest information we have in the evolving field of crisis communications. Every white paper and video has takeaways you can apply to your facility/facilities.

As always, our complimentary resources are available to anyone in the emergency preparedness community. Our goal at Everbridge is to provide resources planners can use at their own facilities to help keep people safe and hospitals running. At Everbridge, we truly believe that “Good Communication is Good Medicine.”