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A safe and happy Thanksgiving from the Everbridge team

The holiday season is approaching which means parades, large public gatherings and in many parts of the country, severe winter weather. It also means significant traffic and a propensity for accidents. That’s a (wintry) mix of fun, relaxation and chaos! 

At Everbridge, we’re committed to ensuring your business or community stays safe throughout next week and the entire holiday season. Don’t forget the basics of emergency management and public safety communications–plan for both the routine events (Thanksgiving Day parades and football games, for example) and the unexpected (that last minute snow storm, or an even worse man-made event, for example). 

Everbridge is thankful that we’re able to help you in a number of ways. Here is just a sampling of the “basics” of critical communications planning and execution:

  • During an active emergency, account for people’s safety by using real-time using polling notifications
  • Manage evacuations by providing shelter-in-place guidance–if appropriate. Remember that some situations require active evacuation notifications, instead. Plan for both scenarios.
  • Meet regulatory requirements and conduct unscheduled drills and exercises–it never hurts to practice and test. 
  • On the business side, ensure you have the functionality to coordinate incident response with executives using conference calls
  • Local community? Don’t forget to leverage new ways to capture your residents in a database of Opt-Ins (Keyword is the New Hashtag). 

Ok, so that’s enough of a reminder. We don’t mean to be a “downer” during this uplifting time of the year, but just want to serve as a reminder that it always helps to be prepared!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Everbridge!

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