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Accelerating leadership in community communications and engagement


This week Everbridge was proud to announce the acquisition of the team and assets of Nixle. This is a very strategic announcement. Nixle is a leading software platform for local, public safety and service communications that delivers real-time information from public agencies to the communities that they serve. The combined Everbridge/Nixle team will yield a continually innovative approach to emergency notification and community-based communications.


You can read more about the announcement here, and you can also make sure to check out local coverage of the news in the Boston Business Journal.


Here is our CEO, Jaime Ellertson, with more about how this acquisition and expanded Everbridge Network will accelerate our leadership in socializing critical information across all types of businesses and communities:


“This is an exciting acquisition that will change the way that public and private organizations engage with local communities,” said Jaime Ellertson, CEO of Everbridge. “Our extensive experience in state, regional and local government emergency notification deployments pairs perfectly with Nixle’s community platform. We look forward to leveraging this expanded local presence to continue to develop the most innovative critical communication products on the market.”


And here is Eric Liu, CEO of Nixle, who explains how customers will reap many new benefits, including expanded mobility capabilities:


“We are delighted to join Everbridge’s global team of critical communication professionals,” said Eric Liu, CEO of Nixle. “Together, we will expand our reach to a huge number of communities and businesses with critical and community based communications. We are excited about enabling this extensive network with new mobile, voice, SMS and email solutions for community engagement and safety.”


For updates on our work with Nixle, make sure to follow  Everbridge on Twitter.


We expect the next few months to be an exciting time for Everbridge, and we look forward to sharing more important announcements as we continue to provide you with secure, compliant and automated critical communication solutions.

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