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The State of Connecticut is the first state in the nation to have a statewide emergency notification system. Congratulations to Connecticut on being an ENS pioneer!

One thing mentioned repeatedly in the news conference is an appeal to citizens to make sure to sign up for the new CT Alert system. It’s important to note that having the same system across the state won’t make a difference if no one is there to receive the message. From road closings to emergencies, all 3.5 million people in Connecticut have an opportunity to now be well informed of urgent matters in their state. Why isn’t this more prevalent? Why don’t more states use the same ENS systems? Companies/schools/municipalities often use many different systems to do the same thing, especially if they are large or have multiple locations. In many cases, large organizations can be fragmented in their decision making process. Is this because departments of an organization don’t have common requirements? Is it difficult to all agree on the same system? What challenges do you face in your organization in terms of communicating across departments or state lines?

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