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Anchorage Police Department builds trust and transparency with Nixle

In our recent Expert Insights webinar, featuring Jennifer Castro, Communications Director for the Anchorage Police Department, Jennifer described several incidents of how her department uses Nixle to benefit the local community. Let’s take a closer look at what she had to say!

One of the primary responsibilities for members of the Anchorage Police Department is to communicate relevant information to the public as quickly as possible. Local media also plays an important role when it comes to informing the public on recent events. Not surprisingly, Jennifer explains that obtaining a community engagement tool that helps to maintain relationships with the local media was very important to helping the department achieve it’s public communication goal. Nixle, as Jennifer described, as able to serve this need by providing real-time information to both residents and the media, while also automating many manual processes, such as building new media lists and fielding call after call from reports following an event.

But it’s about more than just public communication—it’s also about establishing a two-way dialogue. Transparency is another main goal for the Anchorage Police Department because it builds trust between the community and police department. With Nixle, Anchorage PD is able to speak to the public directly, and residents are able to hear from the department on a regular basis. Social media is another way that Anchorage PD connects and builds relationships with the residents of the community, and in the webinar, Jennifer mentioned that Nixle’s integration with her department Facebook and Twitter accounts makes it easy to publish a Nixle message to social media. During an event when seconds count, it is essential to have a tool that like this that will save time. Nixle lso to eliminate the need to post the same message to multiple channels.

The Anchorage Police Department is a great example of a department that utilizes their Nixle alert system to keep the community engaged, safe and informed.

To hear the full story from Jennifer and learn more about Nixle’s easy to use interface watch the webinar clips below:

Learn how Anchorage PD uses Nixle for Social Media Optimization:

Maintaining Media Relations with Nixle:

Learn More about Nixle’s One Page Interface: 

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