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Prepare for emerging threats in 2024: Strategies for enabling business continuity

Are you an industry thought leader and expert?

Finding the right mass communication vendor can be challenging, especially for an organization that is evaluating providers for the first time. Your organization needs a unified communications system, but the sheer number of mass communication vendors can make it difficult to find a system that fulfills your communication needs. In a crisis, communication failure is not an option – you need a mass communication provider that understands your organization and is willing to go above and beyond to handle your critical communications. Otherwise, your organization, its constituents, and its reputation could suffer.


For example, consider Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the United States. Throughout Sandy, communication was a major problem in many areas, as power outages disrupted wireless and Internet services. Meanwhile, Sandy devastated the East Coast, and some economists estimated that this storm caused up to $50 billion in economic damages.


While communication was difficult during Sandy, Everbridge showed it was an industry thought leader and expert. Everbridge possessed the know-how to assist organizations during Sandy, and helped various organizations send messages via multiple contact paths, and confirm receipt of these notifications.


How a mass communication vendor responds to a critical event like Sandy says a lot about the provider. When a disaster occurs, can a mass communication vendor keep people informed until the incident is fully resolved? A vendor that is an industry thought leader and expert educates the market, understands an organization and its communication needs, and will provide dependable support before, during, and after a crisis.


By selecting an industry thought leader and expert, your organization ensures it will receive consistent support throughout a crisis, regardless of the event’s severity. When your organization evaluates a mass communication vendor, it’s crucial to find out if the vendor truly understands your industry. A vendor must support your organization’s communication needs – now and in the future. In addition, evaluate the vendor’s willingness to help analyze your business challenges and solve problems.


The following questions will help you determine if a mass communication vendor is an industry thought leader and expert:


1. What are some of the trade shows you’ve participated in recently?


2. Can you share some recent webinars or best practice resources?


3. How did your organization respond to a recent crisis, like Hurricane Sandy?


Select the right mass communication vendor for your organization – a proven industry thought leader and expert. Want to know what else you should ask a mass communication vendor? Check out this white paper.

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