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As tech innovation reshapes the workforce, employee safety looms large

Everbridge partner Atos, a global leader in cloud and the digital workplace, recently published an interesting take on the future of work and how new technology trends will impact businesses and employees alike, now and in years to come. The company suggests that the combination of 5G and technologically augmented humans will drive some of the most significant changes in the way we work.

According to Atos, 5G will make the employee experience more satisfying and give workers new tools to assist people remotely, while also generating valuable feedback and data, thanks to connected devices. Moreover, their experts note that “giving humans bionic or biologically-inspired capabilities that exceed their natural abilities, like upgrading human vision” could potentially boost the productivity and effectiveness of workforces.

No matter what the future holds, there will always be a need to protect and safeguard workforces. Software Solutions that help companies ensure resilience remain a key work investment trend, and the pandemic has only increased the focus on an organization’s responsibility for employee wellbeing.

Fortunately, solutions exist today to help businesses protect their employees, mitigate threats, and build lasting resilience against future risks.

Benefits of software include:

Fulfilling duty of care

  • Keep an organization’s digital and physical environments safe and secure.
  • Protect against individual online vulnerability.
  • Provide proper ergonomic office equipment and/or safety equipment, such as access to a fire extinguisher.
  • Facilitate open avenues of communication to always ensure employee wellness and safety, especially during risk events.

Digital security

  • Identify insider threats without a common workspace or hours.
  • Safeguard information stored by remote employees’ devices.
  • Ensure confidentiality in spaces that do not belong to the organization, such as flexible workspaces or meet-up locations.
  • Manage access and control across potentially thousands of devices and locations.

Physical  security

  • Protect all employees—whether in the office, at remote sites, or traveling—against severe weather events, violence, and other threats.
  • Facilitate a safe return to physical offices, e.g., regular wellness checks and/or safe level of occupancy.

To address these challenges, companies can benefit from the implementation of Critical Event Management (CEM) solutions, which offer a holistic approach to threats through software automation. CEM is crucial for the new workforce because it is not threat- or vulnerability-specific. The more dispersed a workforce becomes with the new hybrid work model, the more threats they may encounter, whether it is a cyber disruption, terrorist activity, severe weather, or an IT incident.

All these events impact a company’s ability to maintain an operational tempo that leads to success, and so security professionals must have a solution that can successfully address a multitude of threats in various locations due to employees working remotely. Companies that can identify threats on the front end before they manifest and shorten the recovery time once an event has occurred put themselves in a better competitive position against other companies in the same space.

With the addition of human augmentation, the CEM ecosystem can ensure that employee safety only gets better. It will share critical information about their wellbeing, as well as insights about their surrounding work environment. Expanded CEM coverage means organizations are more informed about the status of infrastructure, other colleagues, and much more.

As we look to the future, technological advancements that increase productivity and work satisfaction will continue to go hand-in-hand with technology that keeps employees safe.

Everbridge offers numerous solutions that help companies fulfill their duty of care and drive effective digital and physical security so that risks can be identified, prevented, mitigated, and repaired. To learn more, visit, Atos at, or read about our joint partnership here Everbridge & Atos Joint Value.

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