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Business continuity awareness week – Give your notification system a day job!

Business Continuity Awareness Week is upon us and this year the core focus is on a topic close to my heart – Return on Investment. This is a very important area that can be easily overlooked or lost in the activity of running your day to day business continuity or resiliency program. Having clearly defined value drivers for your program outside of the normal areas of RoI can not only help you drive awareness, but also help you gain buy in from other business units.   So how does this relate to using a mass notification platform? Put simply – give your notification system a day job. That day job can be a natural fit like the time sensitive and critical nature of IT alerting, or something less obvious – some examples of these may be:  

  • Employee shift availability: employees are needed to fill a gap in a shift or overtime is being offered. Using your mass notification platform, you can reach out to the employees and ask who is available.
  • Informing customer facing staff of a PR issue: many customer services teams would value being informed of vital information before the customer asks them about it. A good example would be informing employees before they arrive at work of a product recall or outage.
  • Enabling C level management to securely communicate: using remote, app based tools you can empower your leadership team to securely use peer to peer messaging.

  Ideally, with some lateral thinking, creativity and a good platform behind you, it is possible to make positive changes to your business. I was able to make hard savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars by utilising the Everbridge Mass Notification suite. How? Simple – I enabled the business to use the platform to inform staff of time sensitive shift availability, therefore reducing waste in a factory.   I’ll be sharing this full story on the webinar: The Power of Unified Communications in Driving Return on Investment | May 17th, 4pm UK, 2016   Download a critical communication kit containing, posters to promote BC Awareness Week, information on cyber-attack, and more.    

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