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Beating the clock during a heart attack

You know that notification solutions are important tools in the fight to get information out. But have you heard of one that also helps save lives?

Check out this case study detailing how Promise Regional Medical Center – Hutchinson uses Everbridge Aware to help them gather the medical staff needed (from emergency room personnel to cardiac catheterization laboratory technicians to cardiologists) to defeat a specific type of acute heart attack, called a STEMI. A STEMI deprives the heart of blood and oxygen, leading to irreversible heart damage or death if not treated within hours of the onset of symptoms. The American Board of Cardiology recommends a 90-minute door-to-balloon window for treating a STEMI patient. Reducing that window even a few minutes means more time to help save patients. By using a notification solution to issue the STEMI alerts, Promise Regional spends less time chasing the staff because they can be sure the message is getting through. And that the patient will get life-saving treatment more quickly. Promise Regional Medical Center certainly took the initiative to think of creative ways to use their notification system. We know there are more of you out there doing the same. Is your organization using a notification system to do extraordinary things? Tell us about it.

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