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Best Practices for Resolving Your IT Incidents Faster

image004When an IT incident strikes, every minute spent offline could cost your company thousands. When experienced a 100 millisecond slowdown in webpage load times, it resulted in a 1% decrease in sales. This correlates to a loss of $660 million in online revenue! 


Communication with your IT support team is the key to getting your company back up and running, but what if your IT professionals work thousands of miles away from the problem? Make sure you’re optimizing your communication strategies so you can resolve IT incidents faster and avoid costly disruptions.


Justin Ong moderated this panel discussion that covered best practices to reduce an IT incident’s Mean Time To Know, the leading cause for why IT incidents aren’t resolved as quickly as they could be. The webinar’s expert panel consisted of IT professional Liz Tesch, and Everbridge’s own Vincent Geffray and Frank Basso.


LizLiz Tesch is the IT Manager for a small offshore engineering firm (EXMAR Offshore Company) in Houston, TX that constructs oil rigs and tankers. Her company employs a community of about 100 users with a sister company in Europe. Many of EXMAR’s users consist of employees across the globe working remotely on offshore sites.



Vincent Geffray EverbridgeVincent Geffray is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Everbridge. He has spent the past 15 years in IT operations and management solutions, with a focus on IT Alerting and communications.



 Frank Basso EverbridgeFrank Basso is the VP of SaaS Operations at Everbridge. He is responsible for the delivery of the Everbridge product and platform to customers across the globe, and runs the SaaS operations, engineering, and network operations teams.




Watch the video clips below to hear what tips and best practices the panelists use to resolve IT incidents in their industries.


Liz and Frank discuss how IT Alerting is a 24/7 global task.



Vincent and Frank cover some use cases and describe which Everbridge features can be used to decrease MTTR and keep staff informed during incidents, even during a blackout.



The whole panel weighs in on how the Everbridge platform can be invaluable to offices with small (even 1 man) IT teams for prioritization of tasks through IT collaboration and stakeholder communication.



Liz talks about how cyber security can be greatly affected by an incident’s Mean Time To Repair (MTTR). 



Vincent and Frank tackle the issue of misinformation during an IT incident.



Does your office need an IT Alerting system?


If you are interested in hearing the panelists discuss more tips and best practices, watch the full webinar here.


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