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Can you adapt to my organization and communication needs?

Your organization wants a mass communication system that’s flexible, scalable, and easy to use. In a critical situation like a power failure or winter storm, you need a mass communication system that enables you to send messages to the right people at the right time, every time – but where can you find this system?


To evaluate a mass communication vendor, consider this: Does your mass communication vendor adapt to your organization and its communication needs? Ideally, you want a mass communication system that’s flexible enough to adapt to changing requirements over time. But finding a system that fulfills your organization’s communication needs can be challenging. In fact, most people who purchase mass communication systems do not have information technology or telephony backgrounds, which often makes it difficult to differentiate between mass communication vendors.


The right mass communication system should adapt to your organization and its communication needs. To find this system, consider the following questions:


1. Does the system integrate well with your processes? You shouldn’t have to compromise your organization’s practices to accommodate a mass communication vendor. Instead, the mass communication system you choose should be flexible and correspond to your organization’s structure and needs. In addition, selecting a system that’s easy to use, easy to adopt, and supports best practices within your organization ensures you’ll get the critical communication support you need.


2. Is the system too complex? A system that has myriad features but is too hard to use cannot fulfill your communication needs. Ensure that the system has the right ratio of features and capabilities to solve your core business issues and scale with you, without being too complex for your users.


3. How does the mass communication vendor adapt to changing requirements over time? Verify that a mass communication vendor is flexible enough to adapt to changing requirements. Look at the vendor’s release cycle history to gauge system evolution. A vendor’s history of release cycles should be reviewed as carefully as future plans.


The mass communication industry is rapidly evolving, and your organization should keep this in mind during the evaluation process. Evaluate each potential vendor to determine how frequently system enhancements are provided, and how much of the development activity centers around customer requests.


What are some of the other questions you should ask a mass communication vendor? Check out this white paper to find out.

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