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Changing Terror Tactics in Europe require a review of Critical Communications

The recent terrorist incident in London have shown that despite its rarity, terror strategies are evolving. Terrorists are resorting to ‘day to day’ resources such as cars, trucks and knives – having realised they no longer need sophisticated explosives to take lives by targeting places where people gather in numbers. These new methods are arguably more difficult to track and preparing for the unexpected is crucial.  />

<strong>Time to Review Your Critical Communications </strong><b>Strategy</b>

With large spectator events, such as the Grand National, London Marathon and FA Cup Final, fast approaching, local authorities, Government and businesses should review their critical communication strategies to ensure safety is a priority.  The public should also takes measures to prepare their own response to a terror attack – however unlikely.
With any emergency, communication is critical. Take the Boston Marathon bombings, crisis communication played a pivotal role in the events that followed the explosions, from the initial response to the city-wide lock down and apprehension of suspects. The City of Boston used Everbridge to call in additional police and firefighters and communicate with residents to advise them to stay indoors whilst they moved through local areas in a bid to capture the attacker. As a result the roads remained clear meaning the attacker was caught quickly without any additional fatalities.

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