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Crisis communication in the media spotlight

A crisis can occur at any time, anywhere. Every year, dozens of organizations find

themselves in the news for the wrong reasons, whether it be because of a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or a scandal. Ensuring your staff is trained in crisis communication before an incident occurs could save your company and its image when an emergency situation strikes.

Every organization in any field can be susceptible to a media crisis without the proper preparation in crisis communication. Luckily, Kathryn Holloway and her company, Press Alert, having been helping hundreds of firms prepare for such crises by media training their spokespeople, and now she’s here to help you! Kathryn joined us recently for a webinar where she uses relevant current events to outline a list of best practices for interacting with the press during a crisis.

Kathryn Holloway is a former news reporter from the UK who has spent the past 16 years as the CEO of her Crisis Communication Media Training consulting company, Press Alert. Kathryn leverages her experiences from the years she spent as a reporter to media train the senior managers and spokespeople of large corporations. She also spent 8 years as a lecturer for the UK Civil Contingencies Secretariat and delivered keynote speeches for multiple large Crisis Management conferences worldwide.

Watch the video clips below to hear advice and best practices from Kathryn

How Everbridge can be used for crisis communication

Social media tools

Why you should always be willing to share information

The Virgin Galactic disaster and the 3 P’s for dealing with injuries or loss of life

Lessons learned from the Boston Marathon




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