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Prepare for emerging threats in 2024: Strategies for enabling business continuity

The emergency communications report (from BCI and Everbridge)


This month, the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) published its latest research project, The Emergency Communications Report (sponsored by Everbridge). The report surveyed over 600 industry professionals, reviewing and analyzing emergency communications plans and processes deployed by organizations across the world. We’ll make sure to elaborate on the results in a future update, but below are some of the highlights:

A growing awareness of the importance of emergency communications: According to the report, less than 15% of organizations do not have an emergency communications plan. Evolving needs, such as critical customer communications and IT incident management, have likely played a role in fostering this elevated level of awareness.

Global communications/safety considerations are critical: Enterprise mobility continues to be an important variable in ensuring effective critical communications. More than 30% of organizations reported that their employees frequently travel to ‘high-risk’ countries. How do you ensure critical messages are reaching these folks when they are abroad, traveling and always on their mobile?

Training, testing, engagement/buy-in, response and analysis: These processes are all imperative to success, but still nascent and under-utilized. We frequently share best practices for success here, including the importance of regular testing intervals, comprehensive training programs, stakeholder engagement and analysis of confirmation rates. They are all increasingly significant.

Social Media – continues to grow in importance as an emergency communications tool: 42% of respondents use social media to monitor their staff during emergencies.

Interested in seeing more of the results? Join Imad Mouline, CTO at Everbridge, and Patrick Alcantara, Research Associate at the BCI and author of the report, for an engaging webinar on November 12th at 10:00 AM EDT that will discuss the research findings and share additional best practices for critical communications.

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