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Insights from Amazon Logistics & Whole Foods Market on preparing for severe weather events

Everbridge and BCI: Communicating in an international crisis

Emergency Communications Report: Communicating in a Crisis to your International Staff    Earlier this month, the Business Continuity Institute and Everbridge unveiled the Emergency Communications Report 2015. As we mentioned in part 1, just like the past two years, the report highlights the key emergency communications and business continuity planning trends that are driving the decision making processes for business continuity professionals.   Tomorrow, December 17th, join the BCI and Everbridge’s CTO, Imad Mouline, for a special presentation, “BCI Webinar: Communicating in a Crisis,” that will highlight key findings of the report, as well as additional best practices for enterprise critical communications success.   As we know, the report highlighted many key themes, including the importance of optimizing communication plans to encourage response and confirmation rates. But, there is more. The report drilled down in a more granular fashion to examine the relationship between emergency communications uptake and staff travel–particularly to international locations (see below).   Staff Travel  

In our increasingly global and mobile world, organizations cannot afford to limit their critical communications to physical facilities. Fortunately, Everbridge’s newest solution, Intelligent Profiles, enables organizations to automatically keep a current record of an employee’s “last known” location, even when they are traveling. The solution can combine travel plans, wireless and network presence data, office hoteling data, mobile geo-location, physical access and badging system data to give a current, accurate view of employee location.   Read the full Emergency Communications Report 2015 to learn more!  

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