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Everbridge and hVIVO: Virtual clinical trial recruitment and engagement


hVIVO and Everbridge Partnership Redefines the Patient Recruitment Process to Improve Efficiencies and Accelerate Time to Market

Everbridge is excited to announce our new partnership with hVIVO—  the pioneer of human disease models. This is a landmark partnership that leverages our secure clinical collaboration and telemedicine solutions to transition the clinical trial volunteer experience from a sporadic notification process to an interactive, self-service community-based environment. The relationship also provides clinical trial patients with access to personalized communications, secure dialog and remote data sharing between volunteers and their clinicians, which can help to streamline clinical trials and improve operational efficiencies.


Overall, the partnership shepherds a new era for clinical trials–improving the recruitment and engagement experience with the aid of clinical communications solutions.


“It’s incredibly gratifying to partner with an innovator like hVIVO to drive engagement and collaboration in the clinical trial process,” said Imad Mouline, CTO of Everbridge. “We look forward to providing a secure platform that can promote not only virtual health between clinicians and volunteers, but also can help drive broader efficiencies in clinical trial development and advancement.”


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