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Everbridge EMEA sponsors national information security conference


The National Information Security Conference (NISC) has been offering delegates the opportunity to discuss and learn more about the most up-to-date security and cyber security for 16 years, and this year Everbridge EMEA is pleased to be a Gold Sponsor at this auspicious event. NISC 2015 will discuss the security implications of the latest advancements in technology, and will focus on a future of total connectivity. As we know, the Internet of Things (IoT) brings with it seamless integration between devices and gadgets, but as these “things” become more intelligent, it is crucial that security remains at the core.


Imad Mouline, CTO, Everbridge will be hosting a breakout session, talking about how the Internet of Things and critical communications are changing the face of security. Imad says, “An access badge. A river dam. A heart monitor. A devastating corporate security breach. An international incident. In our session, we will discuss how all these real-world examples relate to and inform how we need to rethink our security incident response plans. We will review how an organisation’s resilience can be dramatically improved by judiciously combining automated and human decision-making processes. We will also illustrate how some organisations are repurposing existing, already-deployed devices and “things” to increase the security of their assets and their employees.”


Nick Hawkins, Managing Director of Everbridge EMEA, says,” The conference is an opportunity for Everbridge to demonstrate its product capabilities. We are the market leader for critical communications solutions, but we recognise that conferences like NISC are much more than sales opportunities. They provide a forum for learning and talking about new challenges and developments; in the constantly evolving world of technology and its associated security issues, optimal resilience relies on information sharing, both operationally and developmentally.”


On the evening of Wednesday 16th September, as part of the conference “games night,” delegates are welcome to visit us at Stand 9 to try their hand at our Buzz Wire game. Keeping a steady hand and making important decisions is much more difficult when under pressure; see how you do, and learn more about the Everbridge products that take the drama out of crisis management, while keeping everyone and everything talking through critical communications solutions.


The conference is being held in Central Scotland, 16-18 September 2015 and for the first time will be paperless, joining the City of Glasgow in going green. See more at 

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