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Everbridge exhibits real-time interactive communications platform and next generation SMART® Weather Alerting at BCM 2012

Today we announced that it will be exhibiting its real-time interactive communications platform with its next generation SMART® Weather Alerting at the BCM World Conference and Exhibition in Olympia, London, UK on the 7th and 8th of November 2012.  Additionally, Everbridge Chief Strategy Officer, Imad Mouline will be presenting on the Role of Social Media in Mass Communication at the show on 7th of November at 9:30AM. “Explicitly structured to provide value for all levels of business continuity experience”, and with over 900 attendees, BCM 2012 provides Everbridge with the perfect inaugural venue to exhibit its solutions in EMEA.  Everbridge recently announced the opening of its EMEA headquarters in London and the availability of the first social, mobile, global communications solution platform for EMEA.  Also, Everbridge will be showing its SMART Weather Alerting, the first solution of its kind to offer location-specific severe weather alerts that can be automated with delivery rules to include multiple delivery devices as well as an unlimited variety of messages or emergency calls to action.

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