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Everbridge introduces a new technology infrastructure to power clients’ notification delivery

At Everbridge, we continually strive to develop the most innovative  and reliable technology to meet and exceed our client’s’ notification expectations and needs. So we’re excited to announce the launch of our next generation incident communication infrastructure, which we call the Elastic Infrastructure Model. It is the industry’s first and only elastic infrastructure model capable of offering near infinite capacity for notification delivery processing.

How does our new infrastructure benefit your organization? For those of you who are not engineers, the most important thing to know is that the new infrastructure will further increase the delivery speed of your notifications by combining a large pool of dedicated communication resources with a new pool of nearly infinite capacity available to us on-demand. This next generation model also helps us to satisfy the increasing global demand for our popular solutions, Everbridge Aware, Everbridge Matrix and Everbridge SmartGIS, which combined, sent  over 100 million messages in 2011 for both emergency incidents and daily operational communications.

It’s smart! The new infrastructure intelligently monitors system performance and resource demand in real-time, ensuring optimal two-way notification delivery through dynamic load balancing across communication resources.  So if sudden demand for system capacity by multiple clients sharply increases,  it will dynamically adjust capacity available for delivery without denigrating system performance. Most importantly, you will never even know!

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