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Everbridge unveils IT alerting solution to maximize IT system uptime

Glendale, CA, May 28, 2014Everbridge, the worldwide leader in Unified Critical Communications, E has launched IT Alerting—a new product designed to resolve IT system issues faster and maximize IT system uptime. IT Alerting, formally unveiled with the Spring Release (2014) of the Everbridge Unified Critical Communication Suite, automatically alerts IT personnel, escalating as necessary, to ensure that the right experts are engaged as quickly as possible during a service outage. “We are excited to introduce this new solution to improve critical communications for IT personnel,” said Imad Mouline, CTO of Everbridge. “As IT incidents continue to increase in regularity and criticality, it is imperative that organizations deploy solutions to minimize business disruption and quickly resolve IT issues, while keeping their customers informed.” Improving IT Incident Response Times and Saving Costs IT interruptions, ranging from network outages to security breaches, can wreak havoc on organizations of all sizes. In an Everbridge survey of more than 200 individuals responsible for IT operations (“Current Trends and Concerns in IT Communication”), over 40% of respondents experienced decreased customer satisfaction as a result of IT incidents. The survey results revealed that IT incidents and outages took an average of 2.25 hours to resolve. Everbridge’s IT Alerting solution, fully integrated into the Unified Critical Communication Suite, is specifically designed to improve this process for IT operations and response teams. By automating the notification and escalation process, IT Alerting bridges the gap between an IT ticket and problem resolution-improving staff communication, collaboration, and incident response times, while minimizing system downtime and reducing costs. The solution automatically alerts the person on-call with the right skills, using email, phone, SMS, pager, or Everbridge’s mobile application for push notifications. If a response isn’t received within a specified time frame, Everbridge escalates the alert to the next person until a confirmation is received. Additional functionality of IT Alerting includes: • Alert Aggregation: Centralizes alert management and on-call tracking-based on manual or automated notifications from your infrastructure, application, and network performance management monitoring systems-within a single system. • Automatic Escalation of Alerts: Ensures that the next person or group is notified if the first person doesn’t respond. • Team Collaboration: Enables instant collaboration with IT operations team members on a conference call with just “one-click.” • Organization-wide Awareness: Provides cost-effective support for enterprise-wide notifications related to IT system outages, business continuity issues, and emergencies. • Global Notification Reach: Worldwide delivery of phone, SMS, email, and mobile push notifications. For more information on IT Alerting please visit: Access the Everbridge eBook, “Current Trends and Concerns in IT Communications,” here:

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