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Excitement builds for the EMEA user groups

With just a week or so to go before the EMEA User Groups, we are already fully booked! This is something both the Everbridge team and I are excited about. It should be a good day to see a lot of very good discussions, networking and new product features announced.


The running event for the User Group will be divided between four main parties. Kicking off the days events will be Nick Hawkins, Managing Director of Everbridge EMEA. Having worked with Nick for a few months I can say it’s not often that I come across someone with the same passion about critical communications as I do. Having joined Everbridge in March of this year, Nick is leading from the front and pushing everyone to succeed and exceed. Fanatical about customer service and delivering on our promises, he will set the tone for the day.


Next up with be Claudia Dent, the development lead for Everbridge. I worked with Claudia for some years so I always look forward to hearing from her. If you want to know what Everbridge are working on, Claudia is the one in the know! Claudia will be giving us an insight to what is to come, features, services and new tools.


David De Swaans Arons will then take the stage to discuss IT Alerting. This is an interesting area as applications of tool sets are wide. Delivering return on investment is always a key factor, as is having all your tools in one place and in that vein, David will lift the hood on the true power of Everbridge.


Last but not least, it will be my turn to give you some examples of the various use cases I have come across. Without letting too much slip, I’m going to go between logistics, building management, banking, medical science, building evacuations and much more. I may even be tempted to talk about privacy and the opt-in portal.


Hopefully you will walk away from the User Groups with two or three ideas of how you can use critical communications in areas that you had not considered before. Not to mention the opportunity to meet other likeminded people and the Everbridge team!


I look forward to meeting you and don’t be afraid to come up and introduce yourself.


Visit us on Twitter at @Everbridge_EMEA

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