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Webinar preview: An executive seminar on workplace violence prevention

Workplace violence prevention should be top of mind for organizations of all sizes due to the vast impact. According to, an estimated two million American workers are victims of workplace violence annually, costing organizations approximately $120 billion. That said, it is critical executives have a full grasp on what policies and tactics should be in place to best prevent workplace violence incidents, ranging from domestic violence to active shooters. If you’d like to learn more about workplace violence prevention, join us for an expert webinar presented by Steven M. Crimando, Principal, Behavioral Science Applications, as he presents an executive level awareness program on workplace violence prevention. Specific topics covered include:

  • Scope and prevalence of the problem
  • Threat assessment-threat management continuum
  • Current research and analysis of the active shooter threat
  • Liability issues in violence prevention, response and recovery

Register for the webinar on April 11th @ 2:00 PM (ET) to learn more about workplace violence prevention. Request a demo to discover how Everbridge can help keep your employees safe during workplace violence incidents, such as active shooter events.

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