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Get Ready for a Winter Storm

Snow. Sleet. Freezing rain. A winter storm can bring many different types of precipitation – are you ready for what winter has in store?


Winter doesn’t officially arrive until Dec. 21, but many areas have already been affected by inclement weather conditions over the past few weeks. Last month, Winter Storm Boreas, or Gobblegeddon, disrupted Thanksgiving travel plans for many people along the East Coast. Heavy rain, high winds, and a mix of snow, sleet, and ice resulted in numerous flight and road delays.


Winter weather can quickly create dangerous travel conditions, and cause an organization to suffer delays or service issues that could affect its assets and resources. However, a well-prepared organization can avoid operational failure and minimize the impact of a winter storm on its everyday operations. With effective planning, an organization can stay up-to-date during a winter storm and keep affected individuals informed throughout the event.


How can you get ready for a winter storm? Check out the following tips to ensure your organization is ready for winter:


1. Have a system in place for weather alerts – In a winter storm, how will you keep affected individuals up-to-date? With a reliable emergency notification system to send fast, accurate weather alerts through multiple contact paths, affected individuals can stay informed and provide status updates in a winter storm.


2. Set up automated broadcasts – Deliver alerts to affected individuals automatically. By doing so, you can save time and ensure your target audience receives important updates quickly.


3. Send location-based alerts – With location-based alerts, you can notify only those who are affected by inclement weather conditions in a specific area. In addition, you can send these notifications as a winter storm develops, alerting people who may soon be affected by the storm.


What should you expect this winter? To learn more about the winter weather forecast for the upcoming season, register for this webinar.