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Healthcare Critical Communications: "Best Of 2015" Everbridge Quotes


Best of 2015: Healthcare Critical Communications and Connected Hospital

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It has been a very exciting year for Everbridge in the healthcare space! As 2015 comes to a close, we’d like to take the time to highlight some of our “best of 2015” quotes, inclusions and testimonials from the people who matter the most – our partners, employees and customers. 


Here goes:


1.  “When our patients need to communicate visually with our clinicians, HipaaBridge empowers the telehealth component of our offering. The solution enables immediate text and picture messaging between our clinicians and our patients, and also offers the ability to conduct video calls.”


-Keith Algozzine, PA-C, Chief Executive Officer, Upstate Concierge Medicine & Management (UCM)

Enabling Telehealth with HipaaBridge | Upstate Concierge Medicine


2.  “The system’s value as an enterprise-wide mass communication tool was seen immediately after it was implemented. Everbridge is a singular tool that CHOP looks to anytime there needs to be an enterprise-wide communication. Our team goes in there, quite literally clicks one button and has a message go out to the entire staff.”


–Leading Children’s Hospital  

3.  “I think the most beneficial aspect of HipaaBridge is the convenience of being able to send and receive updates with patients in real-time. Patients would use the application to send me text or picture messages, sharing their feelings or progress, and HipaaBridge allowed me to be in multiple places at once.”


-Teresea Higham, Wellness Coach, Centerstone Research Institute

HipaaBridge for Patient Engagement | Centerstone Research Institute


4.  “We use Everbridge when we need to activate a Code Triage— which is our disaster code. When people see code triage messages from Everbridge, they know that it is serious. This gets everybody moving and following the pre-established emergency response plan.”


-Carole Snyder, Program Manager, Emergency Preparedness, PIH Health

PIH Health


5. “HipaaBridge: This application is a HIPAA-compliant text messaging tool for nurses. The app has a FaceTime-like feature that allows providers to give accurate consults and patient assessments. HipaaBridge provides secure message solutions that will facilitate easy-to-use communication that complies with regulations.”


10 Key Apps for Nurses 

Becker’s ASCReview


 6. “The centerpiece app, to monitor patient moods, was HipaaBridge, a texting and telemedicine app from communications technology vendor Everbridge. “I was able to reach out to [patients] very easily, daily, if they needed it,” said Higham, who personally monitored 13 specific patients from a dashboard on her computer screen.”


-Teresea Higham, Health Coach at the Columbus, Ind., Centerpoint Clinic

Smartphone-Based Behavioral Health Program Cuts ER Use in Ind., Tenn. Medicaid Populations


7. “Simply put, HipaaBridge allows us to text, video chat and collaborate with doctors and other healthcare professionals using their preferred mobile devices—without violating any privacy or security mandates. Finally, we can give our doctors something they’re delighted to use, while meeting our strict regulatory guidelines. This is the simplest, most popular and efficient communications tool we’ve ever had the pleasure of offering.”


-Ronaldo Montmann, Vice President of Information Technology, Broward Health

Everbridge Launches HipaaChat Mobile Messaging App for Healthcare Professionals


8. “With Everbridge, Renown can also connect with on-call physicians and providers via text, streamlining the communication process.  The IT team is also using Everbridge’s solution to notify leaders when the PACS system is down while providing an ETA of when they can check back.”


-Kevin Orput, Human Resources Business Partner

Critical Communication for a Connected Healthcare Network Featuring Renown Health


9. “This connected hospital model is best realized if the primary communication solution is a single platform for care team collaboration and clinical communications, enabling mass notifications, geographic information systems targeting, secure mobile communications, HIPAA-compliant communications with staff and partners, IT service alerting, on-call scheduling and incident management.”


– Claudia Dent, VP Product Management, Everbridge

 Health IT Tip of the Day: Streamline Your Communications to become a “Connected Hospital,” 

Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review


10. “Clinical communication and collaboration is defined as systems that are directed at clinicians to “enhance care team effectiveness and the patient experience.”


Everbridge in Gartner’s Market Guide for Clinical Communication and Collaboration as a Representative Vendor


11. “There are many factors fueling today’s rapid telehealth adoption, and the increasing number of penalties facing hospitals today are a major problem. While not all readmissions and transfers can be prevented and every ER patient cannot be treated within 175 minutes, telemedicine offers hope that there is a modern way to combat existing inefficiencies and avoid penalties. By enabling better communication, collaboration and care coordination using telemedicine, hospitals will see readmission rates drop, transfers decrease and ED throughput times improve.”


-Ranya Habash, MD

Tackling Hospital Readmissions with Telehealth


12. “The keyword “Grandview” was established and officials worked to get the word out to the public to encourage residents to receive real-time alerts from the Nixle system. Local press outlets ran stories and [Jim] Coker’s emergency agency posted a steady stream of promotions on social media to alert nearby citizens. ‘We chose the keyword of ‘Grandview’ because that was the name of the new hospital, so that was the keyword given to the media and publicized,’ Coker says. ‘And we were able to rapidly get over 700 opt-ins in just a few days. It caught a lot of people’s attention.’”


-Jim Coker, Director, Jefferson County Alabama Emergency Agency

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13. “We love that Everbridge allows us to hold staff accountable through receiving important communication and provides easy, informative Excel reports that really allow us as a department to be accountable for the work we do while also providing a tool that managers can use for staff follow-up and meetings.” 


-Level 2 Trauma Center Located in the NorthWest



2015 was quite a year, and as we gear up for 2016, we can’t help but look forward to hearing more from our contributors.  If you’re interested in learning more about how we help, here are some of the best materials we feel we have produced over the year, too:


eBook – Increasing Efficiency and Improving Patient Outcomes with Secure Collaboration

Whitepaper – Streamline Care Delivery and Clinical Workflows with Care Team Collaboration 

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