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Identifying and Responding to Threats: Using Risk Assessment to Improve Resiliency


I read a revealing stat the other day from Only one in four companies have NOT been impacted by a security breach in the past two years. Think about that. 75% of businesses have experienced a security breach. Even worse, also according to the report, 83% of global businesses are still not fully prepared for these types of incidents.


The reality is, despite an increasingly dangerous threat environment that includes both manmade (cyber-attacks) and natural disasters (hurricanes, bombings, power outages, etc), organizations are ill-equipped to properly identify, address and recover from all types of incidents.


Fortunately, our friends from NC4 are here to help. On Thursday, Eric Hankins, NC4’s Senior Director for Travel Risk Solutions, will join us for a webinar to help answer the critical question: How can your organization better anticipate, prepare for, and respond to risks, and improve corporate resiliency? The webinar will leverage insights from both Everbridge and NC4 to explain how to:



  • Leverage critical threat data to develop and evolve your response.
  • Monitor threats, avoid risk escalation, and communicate rapidly.
  • Address workforce mobility when managing threat response.



In case you are not familiar with NC4, the company provides solutions that identify and eliminate the gaps in safety, security and risk management. Based in El Segundo, California, the company specializes in threat assessment intelligence solutions for everything from corporate travel and business continuity to port and border security and infrastructure readiness. Everbridge and NC4 recently partnered to develop Threat View, a fully integrated threat assessment solution. Users leverage the tool to monitor threats, avoid risk escalation and communicate effectively during disruptive events.


We hope you can join the webinar to learn more. You’ll discover that even seemingly indirect incidents, like a school shooting, can impact the productivity of your business if a child of a parent is a student at the school. We’ll provide solutions—such as developing a strategic approach to incident management—to prepare your organization for these situations and, just as importantly, ensure you are communicating effectively.


After all, critical communication is what we specialize in here. So join the webinar and the conversation on Thursday. We look forward to seeing you there.

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