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Improving disaster and crisis management with timely communication and response – part 3

3 Responsibilities of a Communications Team

  Regina Phelps recently joined forces with Everbridge and recorded a webinar that explores in-depth strategies for improving your disaster and crisis management. Previously in part 2 of this five part series, Regina discussed the basics of crisis communication and how to establish and organize a communications team. If you missed part 2, you can access it here.   In this installment of the series, Regina discusses the 3 main responsibilities of a communications team.   Responsibility 1: Gather and Verify Information   Responsibility 2: Develop and Coordinate Information    Responsibility 3: Distribute Information and Evaluate    To learn more about optimizing your critical communications, check out Regina’s white paper here.   Be sure to check back in next week as Regina discusses how to effectively create a communications governance document and communication matrix in part 4 of this 5 part series!

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