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Prepare for emerging threats in 2024: Strategies for enabling business continuity

This week: Cyberattack readiness and customer communications


Everbridge is excited to kick off a busy month with two highly anticipated webinars.


First up, this Thursday, February 4th at 1 PM ET, we’re hosting a session entitled “An Insider’s View on Cyberattack Planning and Response.” The webinar will feature our very own Imad Mouline, as well as Terry A. Stevenson, CEO/CISO at GlobalNSA and Carter Schoenberg, Director of Cyber Security Services at CALIBRE. Together, the panelists will address the key steps that organizations can take to ensure organizational readiness for a cyberattack, including technological considerations and critical customer communication strategies.


The discussion will highlight some of the processes detailed in our recent whitepaper, “5 Steps to Prepare Your Cyberattack Communications and Response Plan,” including the importance of deploying a critical communication system, registering all employees on the system, and then communicating comprehensively to key IT personnel, as well as all other employees, executives and customers.


Also this week, please join Imad and our friends at RSA Archer on Friday, February 6th at 11 AM ET. The session will also feature BC /DR leaders from Sprint and Berkshire Bank for a discussion on how coordinated business continuity plans and critical communications can result in tremendous business value for organizations of all types.  Register now for the Business Continuity Plans + Notifications = Business Value webinar.


For both webinars follow along with us on Twitter, @Everbridge and @ImadMouline!

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