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Adapting to the storm: Perspectives on hurricane response from county, university, and military leaders

Keep calm and notify, part 4

My work week has been no less busy this week with lots of interesting conversations and topics of discussion. As well as my day to day work, I am in the process of preparing material for a number of upcoming customer forums and events such as BCI World  2015. I’ll talk about this in the coming weeks as I hope to bring some interesting and practical examples of how Everbridge can be integrated to building management systems to this event, as well as other insights on how the solution can be used. More on that later…

This week I would like to recall a conversation I had with a facilities manager. “How can I ensure that my overnight security team alerts the on call site managers” was the question. To expand on the use case; a company has a number of sites with overnight security. In the event of an issue at the site, the on call maintenance person, then the maintenance supervisor, and then the general manager must be informed. In the past this has resulted in the security team calling round several people or in some cases, not calling. The security team were also provided a PC with just the intranet site so the telephone number could be looked up. But solely relying on the team to know who to call had proved harder than expected. How can the human error be reduced?

This is a use case that I developed for many locations. It combines use of the notification system and some process to support it. The process is quite simple in that each site is given instructions of how to log in to the system, typically on a laminated A4 card. As the security office already has a PC, this can be used to sign in. A sealed envelope is also provided with the password. In the event that an issue occurs at site, the guard opens the envelope and follows the log in card. The system then takes care of contacting the on call people and escalation protocols.

In the system, the security user for the location is setup with dispatcher rights. A template is created which has the message recipients, contact paths and escalation pre-configured. With security log in they can only send the one message due to the dispatcher rights. Once a message has been sent, the password is reset, printed and sealed in the envelope ready for use again.

This gave the site managers a simple, workable solution that allowed them to be contacted and ensure that if the message was sent it would be responded too. Simple to implement and very effective.




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