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Prepare for emerging threats in 2024: Strategies for enabling business continuity

Keyword is the new hashtag: Improving event communication and ensuring attendee safety


If you are browsing through a social media site, the scrolling can be endless. You may be interested in just a few topics, yet your feed is congested with everything in between. By using a hashtag, you have the ability to filter your feed to only show topics that interest you. This personalization tool has made social media sites much more effective and customizable.


Using a similar idea, Nixle enables users to opt-in to interest based groups to receive messages from law enforcement, schools, businesses or other organizations specific to that topic or event by leveraging Nixle’s keyword opt-in functionality.


In our new white paper, “Keyword is the New Hashtag: Improving Event Management with Effective Communication,” several use cases are examined to show the effectiveness of keywords for event management. By leveraging keywords, residents receive the information about events that are important and relevant to them. Keywords also give users the opportunity to register for Nixle – once they sign-up for event notifications, residents are prompted to subscribe to Nixle alerts for their local area.


Nixle keywords can be used for events large or small, temporary or permanent. During the Pope’s recent visit, the city of Philadelphia created the keyword “PAPALVISIT” to update their community about road closures, changes, alerts and advisories relating to the Pope’s historic visit. Pope Francis’s trip to Philadelphia is highlighted in the whitepaper and is a prime example of how keywords are an ideal way to grab resident’s attention and keep them up to date with their community. From sports events, to religious visits, Nixle keywords are the perfect tool to run a smooth event and keep residents informed and safe.


Download the white paper to learn more about the range of events that have been improved by Nixle keywords.






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