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Lights, camera, notification system!

The Village of Schaumburg, IL, created a YouTube video to let their citizens know about their notification system. What a great way to publicize their new solution! The town of South Windsor, CT, also created an Oscar-worthy video on YouTube to introduce their implementation of the Everbridge Aware solution. Using social media (in this case, YouTube) to provide details is an easily-accessible way for constituents see what changes are coming – a stroke of genius, really.

Tips we can learn from Schaumburg and South Windsor on introducing a notification system:

– Make sure that you introduce any special name or branding for the solution so that users will recognize it.

– Show the organizations/groups that support the system – this will add legitimacy to your use of the product.

– Screenshots of the system promote familiarity so that if/when you have users log in, they will already feel somewhat comfortable with the look of the page.

– If you are promoting the system using your local internet/intranet page, showing the actual page in the video may provide an opportunity to remind folks to visit your page – especially if you want to increase traffic there.

– Clearly state the parameters for your use of the system (for example, discuss whether or not you will use it for emergencies only or will routine announcements be made using the notification system).

– Using local staff or leadership to introduce the system puts a familiar face to the roll out of your solution.

– An in-depth look at using the system may save you some time by answering some common questions before they are even asked. Kudos go to Schaumburg and South Windsor for their videos! How are you putting on your Marketing hat to publicize your notification system? What are the most impactful ways that changes are advertised in your organization or local government?

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