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Molina Healthcare Q&A: Improving critical collaboration between business and IT


The healthcare industry is one of the most vital and complicated industries in the United States, comprised of numerous interlocking and overlapping parts, each providing an essential and evolving service. Molina Healthcare–based in Long Beach, California–understands these complexities and challenges. Founded in 1980, Molina provides Medicaid and Medicare services to over 1.8 million people, through offices and companies based in no less than seventeen states.

With such a widespread organization, Molina has to be able to ensure that all of its systems, offices and employees are able to operate safely and effectively. When faced with jeopardizing weather events, in particular, Molina needs to act quickly and communicate decisively, be it a blizzard, a hurricane or an ice storm. In one quarter alone, Molina found itself faced with 63 separate events that could potentially endanger its employees. Given the scale of the company’s operations, you might be curious just how Molina manages communications during these critical times to ensure that all staff members are safe and informed.

That’s where Everbridge’s Unified Critical Communication Suite comes in. As Molina’s own Ralph Davis (Business Continuity Manager) and Joe Layman (Director, Business Continuity Management) explain in the below video, Everbridge has been invaluable in not only making employees aware of potential dangers, but also in fostering dialogue between key team members across different departments (e.g. business continuity team members can translate IT language for the business staff, and vice versa, using Everbridge’s conference bridge functionality). This ensures effective collaboration, and minimizes communication gaps, during critical events.

Down the line, Molina will also look to deploy Everbridge’s IT Alerting solution to improve communication across all types of critical business functions during IT incidents and outages.

For more insight in to how Molina Healthcare uses Everbridge, take a look at the full video, below.

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