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Adapting to the storm: Perspectives on hurricane response from county, university, and military leaders

Nixle in action: Winter storm #Jonas

Across the East Coast and Midwest, harsh weather has affected near 85 million people, stopped flights and forced many residents to stay inside.   Winter Storm Jonas was one of the biggest storms to hit the East Coast as a result of the anticipated El Nino season. Because of the intensity of Jonas, ten states declared states of emergency.

Although each community experienced Jonas to a different extent, they were still equally prepared for what may come during the El Nino Season. Monroe Township in NJ received a few inches of snow per hour during Jonas and kept their residents updated with Nixle messages. Such large storms often have negative effects on a community’s infrastructure including power lines, homes, and roads.

NIA jonas 1

Nixle message sent from Monroe Township, NJ


The Brick Township Police Department used Nixle alerts to send their residents thorough information on how to prepare for the storm. The mayor sent residents a detailed message about the city’s preparation for the upcoming storm as well as steps residents can take to help the city including removing cars from the streets and being patient with the snow removal services. By delivering detailed information to the community, the mayor and police department helped to create a sense of security with the upcoming blizzard that affected many. As the means of communication between the two, Nixle helped ease the stress of the storm and keep residents informed.

NIA jonas 2

Brick Township directing residents to storm information


Throughout storm Jonas, communities have been preparing their residents through effective communication. Whether they are expecting a few inches of snow or are in a state of emergency, it is important to keep everyone informed to ease tension during such a high intensity weather event. As much preparation as one may do, we can never precisely predict the outcome of events, especially during an El Nino season. By encouraging residents to sign up for Nixle alerts, a community can grow their communication network and ensure that more residents will be able to receive important updates during large events such as Winter Storm Jonas.

To sign up for Nixle, text your zip code to 888-777 to stay informed!

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