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Did you opt-in yet? Text INAUG to 888-777 for Presidential Inauguration updates

Did you know that Everbridge is working with public safety officials in Washington, D.C., including the U.S. Parks Police, to provide easy-to-access critical information updates throughout the Presidential Inauguration? Our team will be in the Operations Center for the event, helping manage communications throughout the day. Take a look at one of the first alerts that was delivered–more to come from the team down in Washington, D.C. as Community Engagement will continue to be utilized throughout the week.   Here is more information on what to expect: With more than 800,000 expected attendees, public safety officials are encouraging residents, visitors and Presidential Inauguration attendees to text the keyword INAUG to 888-777 to receive the latest information and updates leading up to and throughout the event. Current subscribers in the Washington, D.C. area will continue to receive their regular local alerts from Everbridge and can choose to opt-in to INAUG for Presidential Inauguration specific information. The Boston Herald has more on our involvement in D.C., as well. You can find the full story here:   

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