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Piney Woods RAC-G announces deployment of Everbridge system to enhance unified emergency response capabilities

We are happy to announce that the Piney Woods Regional Advisory Council Trauma Service Area – G  (RAC-G) has deployed Everbridge among its regional hospitals. RAC-G is an organized group of health care entities that share an interest in improving and organizing EMS/Trauma care within a specific Trauma Service Area. The Everbridge solutions suite allows RAC-G to provide a regional, interoperable communications system across many hospitals while maintaining autonomous operation within each facility to enhance patient safety, regulatory compliance and staffing operation efficiencies RAC-G, which covers 24 EMS agencies and over 150 first responder agencies across Texas, develops and maintains mechanisms whereby these groups can arrive at a common set of operational protocols. After an evaluation of leading industry solutions, the Everbridge solutions suite was selected for its ability to provide a communications standard across all groups that best met RAC’G’s needs. Specifically, Everbridge’s organizational hierarchy capabilities permit the hospitals to operate the communications system independently on a day-to-day basis and while also supporting top-down communications in the case of a regional or state-wide event or disaster. This allows RAC-G to greatly increase the efficiency of communications and incident management efforts during large-scale crises to bring together competing hospitals as a unified emergency response and health care resource. “Whether we are using Everbridge for staffing purposes, code calling, or emergencies, the system allows our member hospitals to manage their operations independently, while still granting us the ability to seamlessly communicate with all of them in the event of a large-scale crisis,” said Kelby Hill, preparedness coordinator, RAC-G. “We’ve already deployed across a majority of our facilities in the RAC region. It is our goal to strengthen and enhance our capabilities to protect and care for the people of Texas in regards to responding to large scale emergencies.” “To meet their strategic communications requirements, RAC-G requires an enterprise system that is able to provide a common platform for pan-regional emergencies while at the same time giving each hospital the autonomy to manage their communications independently,” said Imad Mouline, chief strategy officer at Everbridge, “Everbridge Mass Notification is uniquely able to support RAC-G through its specialized healthcare communications capabilities, organizational hierarchy features and near-infinite scalability.”

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