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Preparing for a tsunami with Everbridge

Early last month, Angell Job Corps Center in Lincoln County OR, along with County Emergency Management and Seal Rock CERT groups tested the Everbridge system in a distant-tsunami scenario.

In the early morning, the Lincoln County Emergency Management team initiated their Alert Notification System, powered by Everbridge which sent a “drill message” to 136 phones at the Center to students and staff. They were encouraged to respond as if the scenario were a real-life natural disaster. Members of the County Emergency Management team and CERT were on site to observe and analyze the operation, which they deemed was a success.

In the case of a real tsunami, Everbridge is the only provider that is able to handle the scale of notifications that would arise from such a wide spread event. Through the industry’s first elastic infrastructure model, Everbridge’s infrastructure can dynamically burst in capacity and processing power when needed, ensuring perfect resiliency and near-infinite scale.

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