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Video Q&A with Starbucks: Everbridge for Enterprise Crisis Management

Global organizations have very important requirements when it comes to crisis management, business continuity and critical communications. This is particularly true if that global organization is one of the largest retailers in the world–say, Starbucks.

Well, fortunately for our readers and business continuity professionals, we recently hosted a webinar with Chris Hartinger of Starbucks entitled “Creating a Connected Organization through Critical Communications.” In the session, Chris defined Starbucks’ mission to protect the safety and security of it’s global employees, stores, facilities and operations, and the important role that emergency notification and crisis management play in this process. 

Let’s revisit some of the highlights from the event, including Chris’ insight into some of the specific ways that Starbucks uses Everbridge to “rapidly recover our operations to make sure we are protecting our partners and customers, and our brand.” 

Take a listen to how Everbridge helps Starbucks execute crisis management:

Video Q&A with Starbucks: Everbridge for Enterprise Crisis Management

In a specific example, Chris also discussed the use of Everbridge for weather alerts during Hurricane Sandy: 

Video Q&A: Using Everbridge for weather alerts

Finally, it’s not always just about emergency alerting. Starbucks also leverages Everbridge for critical communications related to product quality:

Video Q&A: Using Everbridge for critical product quality communications

You can catch the full webinar here, but check back again soon as we explore how Starbucks also plans to harness the Internet of Things to connect Everbridge to different types of physical devices.

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