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Adapting to the storm: Perspectives on hurricane response from county, university, and military leaders

Question and answer highlights from Nixle’s most recent demo webinar

One of the most valuable components of attending a demo webinar is the chance to get questions answered from speakers and hear other questions, or points of insight from fellow attendees. If you were unable to attend our most recent demo webinar, Increasing Opt-In Subscriber Base and Response Team Coordination with Nixle, check out the question and answer session below to learn a lit bit more about the solution.


Q: When you send out a message, can residents reply back?

A: Yes. As a part of Nixle Engage, when residents receive messages, they can reply back. Your Nixle administrator will receive a notification that a resident has replied back.


Q: Are the messages that are published to social networks archived?

A: Yes. Messages are archived for referenced in case of a legal dispute (OPRA laws). Nixle archives all messages indefinitely.


Q: How do I register my existing Nixle account to transmit automated weather alerts?

A: This is available as part of the Nixle Engage system


Q: Any way to add spell check to the system?

A: Not currently.


Q: You spoke about business cards being handed out to residents.  Does Nixle have any products that can be supplied to the Police Departments to be handed out with the info?

A: Within the Nixle system, under the support tab, there are many marketing materials available. You can take our material, add your patch/badge, and present it to residents, which shows a joint partnership between Nixle and your department. 


Q: Our agency contracts with 32 different county sheriff’s offices and state police. Would we need to have a designated administrator from each county or would we act as a single hub?

A: It’s up to you. It is recommended that each agency/department have their own system so that your messages are as localized as possible, but you can also have one admin for all.


Q: If a resident sends their zip code to 888777, they will automatically be signed up for Nixle?

A: Yes. By texting their zip code to 888777, they are signed up to all public safety departments within that zip code. They don’t have to sign up for each department.


Q: Is there a limit on how many event based groups you can create?

A: No, it is unlimited. Under the primary group, sub groups can be created for each individual event. We have a professional services team that can help you design your system so that it is easiest to use for you.


Q: What options are there for automatic messages from Nixle? I know you have them for weather (NWS) – are there other options? FEMA, for example? 

A: Currently, that is the only option for automated messaging. For FEMA, you can initiate messages via the IPAWS system.


Q: Is there any way to schedule a message to publish at a future time?

A: Yes. As part of Nixle Engage you can schedule a message to be distributed at a later time.


Q: Can residents reply to messages with images?

A: Yes


Q: How many keywords can you create, or is there a limit? 

A: Currently the limit is 25. If more are needed, we can accommodate.


Save the date! The next demo webinar is Wednesday August 26th at 11am PT/ 2pm ET

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